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10 acts of kindness that all kids should perform

Doing acts of kindness has no age! Kids can perform acts of kindness even when they are very young. Caring for someone, sharing your stuff with friends, helping the vulnerable are the values that all parents should imbibe on young […]

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This is how I REALLY want to spend Mother’s Day!

We can all agree that motherhood changes our lives forever – both in subtle and obvious ways.  Our needs are often pushed back, and priority is given to our little ones’ requirements – 24/7. When I became a mum I […]

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Bye bye 2017, Welcome 2018

One blink of an eye and 2017 is over! I felt that I just wrote this bye bye post for 2016 and it’s already time to bid goodbye to even 2017. Time flies faster than a spaceship. On a personal […]

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Getting dirty, messy, sweaty is fun

June holidays are just over. What did kids do these holidays? School homework, enrichment classes, short getaway with parents and lots of play! How about Outdoor play? Even in my childhood, we used to do the same with a slight […]

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Family Time Should Be Quality Time

There is the old saying that can be applied to most aspects of life: ‘quality not quantity’. It is easy to mistake the two especially when it comes to parenting. Getting the balance right is something that all parents struggle […]

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Survival Guide for Parents without full-time Helper in Singapore

True account of a working mom / parents who had to manage everything on the home front without any help for some weeks and lessons learnt thereby. This post should be useful to all those who are planning to employ a […]

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