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Gaston Luga Clässy is so classy

I became a fan of Gaston Luga when I bought Gaston Luga Pråper backpack last year. Later came my Gaston Luga CLÄSSY MINI and made me even bigger fan…Now Gaston Luga has become an obsession with my newest swedish backpack by […]

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Disney on Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story

Mark your dates – Disney on Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story will be in Singapore from 14-18th March 2018 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Don’t forget to participate in our Disney On Ice Giveaway for a chance to WIN up to […]

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What types of Mortgages are people getting?

Mortgage type acquired Of the four types of mortgage types available, Fixed Deposit Mortgages has been found to be the most popular, taking up 74.5% of the pie. Interest rates of these mortgages are pegged to a bank’s fixed deposit […]

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Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel – Staycation as great as vacation

When did you last went for your vacation? For us, it’s like 100 years back we took our last vacation…Okay, exaggeration but the fact remains that long time we didn’t go anywhere out of Singapore. Why??? Hubby busy in projects, […]

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Limiting Kids’ Screen Time

Whenever I meet fellow moms, one constant topic of discussion is how their kids are glued to the tablets, smart phones and other gadgets. Some moms are alarmed, some of them have accepted this fact, some of them are proud […]

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