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5 times when kids left me red-faced

Kids will be kids will be kids!!! They are super-innocent and always speak their mind. Everything about them is ultimately very cute. But sometimes, this causes embarrassing moments for parents. Don’t you agree with me? There are many times, my […]

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{Review + Giveaway} No more messy meals thanks to EZPZ Happy Mat

Two things before we go to the review and then that exciting giveaway. One: Breakfast / Snack time = Royal mess! Agree or not? In our case, yes, it is. Dishes fall down, food gets scattered and tempers rise. Lol Two: […]

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{Discount Code} Cold Storage Kids Run celebrates 10 years…Save the date!

Cold Storage Kids Run needs no introduction. It is the longest-running and very popular children’s sports event in Singapore. It’s back again!!! Do you know?  The Cold Storage Kids Run started as the only running event for kids in 2008 […]

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Making of a Slime

Hi, This is the slime that I made. I think it’s very nice. When I poke it, the poky noises are splendid, marvelous, awesome and cool. Watch my video and learn how to make it. Hope you enjoy making slime […]

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Joyful Beginnings: What a mother really needs during the postnatal period

Do you know? PND is a mental condition that affects about 10 to 15% of women in Singapore. It brings about serious consequences for both mother and child. Do you know? Support buffers against Postnatal Depression and aids in recovery […]

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Art Day Out at Gillman Barracks 11th March – Must Visit

Saturdays are beautiful and there cannot be a better way to spend this Saturday fruitfully at Gillman Barracks where Art, Creativity, Edutainment and Delish Food comes together for the complete Family Bonding experience. Yes, I am talking about Art Day Out at […]

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