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Natural Defense range of Betadine®

I am a wife and a mom and for my family, I prefer nothing but the best, just like all women. Dust, dirt and germs are everywhere and they cause many ailments – some of them can be potentially very […]

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Repton Scoolhouse, RainbowDiaries

Repton Schoolhouse Singapore Open House on 26-27 Oct! RSVP here

Early Childhood Education is of paramount importance in shaping up kids. As a parent, we always feel the need to give the best possible start to our kids. A great Kindergarten provides the nurturing environment making kids happy and ready […]

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10 Reasons why you must visit Zak Salaam India Expo 24th Edition

Zak Salaam India Expo is a name that is known to everyone in Singapore. This is the most happening shopping extravaganza and it’s ruling the hearts of Singaporeans and Expats alike for last many years. This is 24th Edition of […]

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Gender-Neutral Parenting – what’s your take?

Gender-Neutral Parenting is quite a complex topic and am still not very clear or sure about my own stand. I’m going to write what is my impression about it which might change in future. Lets leave it open for further […]

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The Easiest Beauty Routine for Busy Moms

Being a mom indeed has so many advantages, and women claim that it’s one of the best things that has happened to them. However, there are some things every mother knows too well – dark circles under the eyes, dehydrated […]

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Cure your pains with B-Cure

Life is a pain! Pun intended but kind of reality too, isn’t it? We all are so busy in working day and night for our and family’s bread and butter that we sometimes totally forget about our poor bodies. Stress, […]

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{Mom Writes} Break the SILENCE. Let’s help them speak…

Sometimes it was my Favorite Uncle… Sometimes it was my Loving Neighbor… Sometimes it was my Best Teacher… Sometimes……..my Best Friend… Sometimes……..my school Bus Driver… Sometimes……..my Brother…with whom I always felt protected Sometimes……..my father whom I trusted most… And Sometimes […]

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