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Happy tummy, Happy baby

As they say whether you eat or live or live to eat – whatever is the case, food is life! The moment we are born, we start to eat. Moms, don’t you agree that one of the prime responsibility that […]

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Google WiFi – Hassle-Free WiFi for all homes

Do you experience dropped or completely dead WiFi in some parts of your home? I do face this issue. Example: The signal is not so strong when I am in the Master Bedroom. This really causes frustrating moments sometimes. I […]

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Those 2 cozy corners in my home and flowers

House becomes home because of people who stay in it. House also becomes home when we add a dash of beauty to it. Recently home decor items from Masons Home Decor made me create 2 cozy corners in my home. Well, […]

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Life is a Learning Journey

Recently my Son had his Learning journey and when he came back from school, he was excitedly mentioning all that he saw and loved in the art gallery that day – How he saw paintings and who is Mona Lisa. […]

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Are you Drinking Clean?

Call it Water or call it H2O or call it by any name, Water is LIFE. Without it, we wouldn’t exist and survive. When it comes to water, are we drinking clean? Important question and as a parent, I need […]

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