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Tips for Busy Moms to remain sane

Once a mom, always a mom! The moment a child is born, Mother is also born as they say. Those of you who are moms will agree with the fact that the whole process is as complicated as it can get. Raising a […]

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Uncle Ringo Kindness Carnival

Uncle Ringo is my kids’ favourite place and we have visited Uncle Ringo’s carnivals islandwide so many times. For us, Uncle Ringo means simple pleasures of childhood! Of course, as a parent, I equally love the rides. My boy was […]

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How Your Kids Can Learn Outside of the Classroom

How Your Kids Can Learn Outside of the Classroom They say that the best education in life is found outside of the classroom. Education is not only obtained by spending hours and hours pouring over a textbook, but it is […]

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RainbowDiaries, Cherry Crumble

Kid models in Cherry Crumble California kids clothing

Recently, we got this lovely set of kids clothes from Cherry Crumble California. Kids clothing can be a tricky affair and I am glad that kids loved Cherry Crumble’s Autumn winter collection 2018. We chose our items from a huge […]

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Moms you definitely need this app to control Myopia of kids

I often find my kids completely engrossed the moment they get gadgets in their hands. This engrossment is actually on the border of obsession or addiction which scares me. Are you finding it very difficult too to take away the […]

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Unlimited Fun with Doob Bean bags

Exams are over, Parent-teacher meetings are over and June holidays have begun. Kids deserve to have gala time and parents can sleep a bit longer in the mornings. It’s the perfect time to get your Doob Bean Bag because everyone’s […]

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Toruk – The First Flight by Cirque Du Soleil – must watch!

We had an opportunity to watch the premiere show of Toruk – The First Flight – the new touring production by Cirque du Soleil, inspired by James Cameron’s record-breaking movie AVATAR. First of all, do take note that it’s here […]

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Book Review: The Explorer and Inside Out Parenting

We are back with the book reviews. This time we review two awesome publications – The Explorer by Katherine Rundell and Inside Out Parenting by Dr. Holan Liang. By the way, we in the sense my daughter and me. Eeshaa […]

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Indians in Singapore, you should relate to this

Are you an Indian living in Singapore? May be a new citizen or PR or foreigner…You visit India during school holidays and other special occasions like Deepavali etc…If yes, then in high probability, you will relate to below. You keep […]

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