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  • Opportunity to reach more than 20000+ members, followers and likes on Facebook. RainbowDiaries is proud of our 25000++ strong Instagram Family. It comes with a solid 10+ years presence on different social media.
  • RainbowDiaries welcomes Brands, PR Agencies, Affiliate and Guest post features. I not only do blog posts but share them frequently on all my social media. This ensures maximum coverage for your brands and products. We are also game to run contests and giveaways on social media for your products.
  • RainbowDiaries can review for kids stuff, events, beauty, other lifestyle items and food – well, for almost everything! My IT professional background helps in coming out with great reviews.
  • RainbowDiaries reviews are in detail and cover all aspects of the products / brands. They are honest and based on our own experiences. My kids give me valuable feedback and we share it with our partners and readers.
  • Prompt and proactive in our work!

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Products / Services Review, Beauty Treatments, Sponsored Posts

  1. Gaston Luga Classy Mini Backpack
  2. Hair Mori Korean Salon – Hair Makeover
  3. Zell-V Supplements
  4. TK Trichokare
  5. Double Chin Cosmetic Surgery
  6. Dermagold Singapore Skincare
  8. Magiclean Fabric Freshener
  9. Lip Fillers Cosmetic Surgery
  10. Kenjo Salon Tokio Inkarami
  11. Little Flower Hut
  12. Gaston Luga backpack
  13. Cherub Rubs
  14. PeeSafe, MoskitoSafe and PalmSafe
  15. DermaLift facial @ Amber Beila
  16. Hair Rebonding by Kenjo Salon
  17. Original Sprout
  18. Filtech Water Filters
  19. Kenjo Salon Mucota Scena Plus Treatment
  20. Samsara Wellness Foot Reflexology and Massage
  21. Blackmores Naturopathy
  22. Remescar for Eye bags and Dark Circles
  23. Print My Stuff Namecards printing
  24. A Better Florist
  25. Keepsake by Ryo
  26. Toy Car + Travel Bag by Friso
  27. Shou Slimming Bio Sculpture
  28. Detox with Nature’s Glory
  29. BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence Drink
  30. WeCoMed Skin Laser
  31. Boys Shirts by Boys by Mark
  32. Lynn Aesthetic Facial
  33. Restoration Essence Skin Care
  34. Organic Haul by Dr. Bronner’s
  35. 5-point guide to choose the RIGHT Maths tuition center for your kids
  36. TESCO for our UK readers
  37. Unilever’s MaQUI + Health Booster
  38. Dermalogica Skin Care
  39. Yuzu Bath at Yunomori Onsen and SPA
  40. Floral Garage Online Florist
  41. Beauty Keeper from Taiwan
  42. Marble Floorings for homes – yes or no?
  43. Go60 by Mary Chia
  44. Avalon Stemcell Beauty Drink
  45. D’Skin Prestige for beautiful skin
  46. Review
  47. Bejeweled’s 5th Anniversary Pampering of Nails
  48. Acuvue Contact Lens is Eyes’ Best Friend
  49. Dream Big with GoBear
  50. Class-apart toys for kids
  51. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap
  52. Botani Naturopathic Beauty
  53. Online Shopping
  54. Farlin Kids Clothes Wash and Bottle detergent
  55. 1030AM Website Korean Cosmetics review
  56. Josh and Cherie Books
  57. Website Review
  58. StickerKid Personalized Stickers and Labels
  59. Little Ondine Nail Colors
  60. Only Aesthetics Luminosity Laser Skin Treatment
  61. Manicure and Pedicure @ Bejeweled Nails
  62. AIR+ SMART Mask
  63. SmartLocal Website Review
  64. Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner
  65. Olive Oil Skin Care Co.
  66. Hi-Tea Fruit and Special Series Teas
  67. Beauty Hope@Life Essesntial
  68. PNKids Multivitamin + Minerals Gummies For Boys and Girls
  69. Swisse Multivitamins
  70. PNKids Complete Multivitamin + Minerals Syrup for Boys /Girls
  71. Shakura – Pigmentation Experts for Asian skin
  72. Essentials Light Finish Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner
  73. Olive Asia
  74. Handmade Heroes Vegan Skincare

 Kids Activities, Travel and Giveaways

  1. Tollyjoy Wipes Review and Giveaway 
  2. KB Livefest March 2018
  3. Kids Dental Day with Qiren and Luminous
  4. Peas in a Box – Boxful of Entertainment
  5. Book Review – the Explorer and Inside Out Parenting
  6. Halloween Family Night Out @KidZania
  7. Kids Art made to Wear by ArtWearama
  8. Monster Jam Singapore
  9. Forest Adventure: Dirty Messy Sweaty is fun by Breeze
  10. Seeing Double at Wild Wild Wet
  11. Book review for Popular’s Readers’ Choice Awards
  12. Legoland Malaysia Brickversary and Brick-or-Treat 2017
  13. Thinkasaur Science Subscription Box
  14. Giveaway of a dress / top by ArtWearama
  15. Hungry Caterpillar by Act3 International
  16. Loacker giveaway
  17. Pat-a-Cake books
  18. International Family Guide for US University Admissions
  19. Fidget Spinners by FidJit Singapore
  20. Cheempo by Nima Kids International Giveaway
  21. Frogkisser and Tom Gates: Book review
  22. The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio 
  23. Monster Jam Singapore Giveaway
  24. Booky Boo Personalized Books for kids
  25. ALOBaby Japan Review and Giveaway
  26. Book Review: Calmer, Happier, Easier Screen Time
  27. Big Eyes, Big Minds Singapore International Children’s Film Festival
  28. Star Wars 40th Anniversary Celebration at Legoland Malaysia
  29. EzPz Happy Mat by Mumspick
  30. Customized Fidget Spinner
  31. Aviva SuperFundae 2017
  32. Book Review: House of Eyes
  33. Quayside Isle Awesome April
  34. Art Day Out at Gillman Barracks
  35. Disney on Ice 2017
  36. Play-doh Kitchen Creations
  37. Singapore Wake Park
  38. Making of a Slime
  39. Messy Fun with MyMessyBox
  40. Cold Storage Kids’ Run
  41. Review and Giveaway of Busy Tables
  42. FAMA martial arts studio
  43. Giveaway – Crazy Classics with Sid Bowfin
  44. Messy Fingers Dough
  45. BounceOff Fiesta 2016
  46. Christmas 2016 at Centrepoint
  47. Crestar Learning Center Review
  48. The City Giveaway – Open the Doors to Israel
  49. Book giveaway – Beyond the Tiger Mom
  50. All-Star Nick Jr. Christmas @ City Square Mall
  51. Legoland Malaysia Brick-tacular Christmas 2016
  52. Clip N Climb by HomeTeamNS
  53. Christmas Experiences by Friso
  54. Zoom Trampoline Park
  55. Animal Lovers League’s Flag Day
  56. Pout Care Star for a Day
  57. BookBuddy for Great Eyes and Great Reading Habits
  58. Taking Care of Little Tummies
  59. Halloween in Legoland Malaysia
  60. iFly Singapore
  61. Rise & Shine 3-Gen Funfest – Singapore Book of Records
  62. Step-by-Step Guide to your child’s musical journey
  63. Quan Fa Organic Farm
  64. Paw Patrol Live Show in Singapore
  65. Reap the Long term benefits of Reading from early age
  66. Outdoor Play with Friso
  67. Roboland @ City Square Mall
  68. What to Cook and How to Make Kids Eat with Friso
  69. Skyline Luge Sentosa
  70. Sabine’s Baskets
  71. The City Liang Court and Katong Giveaway
  72. People Impact’s IQEQ Session
  73. Rise n Shine Giveaway
  74. Mogu Mogu Giveaway
  75. City Square Mall Crave Giveaway
  76. Alive Museum Giveaway
  77. Big Eyes, Big Minds Singapore International Film Festival Giveaway
  78. Mister Maker and Shapes Giveaway
  79. Act3i Festival for Children Giveaway
  80. Barney Beach Party @ City Square Mall
  81. Aviva Superfundae
  82. Mint Museum Workshop Giveaway
  83. Hello Kitty Robot Kitty Giveaway
  84. Quayside Express @ Sentosa Cove Giveaway
  85. Junior Explorers
  86. Pout Haircare Giveaway
  87. Aviva Superfundae Giveaway
  88. Bebemi Toddler Snacks
  89. Camp Asia Summer Camps Discount Code
  90. Madagascar Live! in Marina Bay Sands Theatres
  91. KidZania Singapore opens…
  92. Hanuman – the Superhero Monkey
  93. Playeum Hideaways Natured-themed Exhibition
  94. LearningTech Phonics and Billingual Program for kids
  95. Gumball in a live show @ City Square Mall
  96. Balloon Fairytale Garden @ Marina Square Mall
  97. Angry Birds Activity Park
  98. Fun @ Giggles Indoor Playground
  99. Bintan island
  100. Serangoon NEX KidzPlay
  101. Kranji Countryside
  102. Sembawang Park
  103. Animal Resort
  104. Guest post 1 by a kid blogger – Save the Earth
  105. Guest post 2 by a kid blogger – World beyond the Woods
  106. Parents Guide to Preschool – Choosing the right preschool for your little champ

Media Invites / Events / Special Days

  1. Toruk – The First Flight by Cirque Du Soleil
  2. Safe Internet Day 2018
  3. Cold Storage Kids Run 2018
  4. Disney on Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story
  5. Exploring South Beach Avenue with Canon Singapore
  6. To-Do Kids activities for December 2017
  7. Mythical Christmas at Pegasus Boutique Hotel
  8. NDP Discount booklet for National Day SG52
  9. Kids Activities this September
  10. DBS Sparks
  11. Campasia holiday camp
  12. Things to do in June 2017
  13. Sample Store Beauty Show @ Carnivore
  14. Mom n Me Fashionista Season 2 – an event by RainbowDiaries
  15. Singapore Festival of Fun
  16. 5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Busy Moms
  17. 5 Things to do on CNY long weekend
  18. Christmas at the Gardens by the Bay
  19. On board the Genting Dream
  20. Sample Store’s Shoppers’ Paradise
  21. WTA Tennis Finals – Invite by USANA
  22. What Women in Singapore think about Mother’s Day?
  23. British Council Media Preview
  24. Sample Store’s Giftopia
  25. Supermom Baby Fair
  26. Cold Storage Kids Run 2017
  27. Nature’s Glory Organic Store Bloggers’ Cooking Workshop
  28. Race the Dead 3
  29. Quayside Isle Halloween Food Invite
  30. Wicked flies into Singapore
  31. Annie in Singapore
  32. Mom n Me Fashionista – an event by RainbowDiaries
  33. USANA MySmartShake Launch
  34. SpongeBob Run Singapore
  35. Regilait French Milk Launch
  36. BOUNCE Trampoline Arena Launch
  37. BelowVal Portal Media Launch
  38. Feet Haven Foot Reflexology
  39. Sample Store’s Influencers’ Party
  40. Join the Current
  41. The Future of Us
  42. BlogMeetSG Jan 2016
  43. Bollywood Holi 2016
  44. Indian PM Modi’s visit to Singapore
  45. SG50 – Demure Drapes Saree Shade Show
  46. Hindi Prerna Awards
  47. Bollywood Dandia 2015
  48. Fun n Festive G2G
  49. Beach BollyOut 2016

Gadgets, Home Decor, Apps, Appliances, Accessories

  1. Plano App for Myopia control
  2. Sudio Tre Earphones
  3. TireCare Revival Kit for Cars
  4. Doob bean bags
  5. Solving your Shoes’ Issues
  6. De-cluttering your home
  7. Nanyang Optical Project Eyelet Junior
  8. What types of mortgages people are getting?
  9. Expert Tips when creating a Successful Online Store
  10. 6 Things You should never put down your Garbage Disposal
  11. Motherhood – ways to get organized around the house
  12. 7 tips for decorating your Kids room
  13. ErgoSpine ergonomic chair
  14. B-Cure Laser
  15. Motherhood – ways to get organized around
  16. HealthHub App by HPB
  17. Google Wi-fi
  18. Masons Home Decor
  19. BrainWavz Truss and Hengja
  20. Online Shopping 12.12 –
  21. Indoor Sun Drying with Steigen Exalt+
  22. Gift Portal review
  23. 10 Parenting Hacks by Google
  24. Jumpy Plus SmartWatch for kids
  25. ErgoSilver Laptop Stand
  26. Vaniday Beauty App
  27. Huawei Mate 9
  28. Brainwavz M100 Headphones
  29. Entertainer 2017 and Cheers 2017 App
  30. Singtel Launches CAST
  31. Flatlays with Canon G9 X
  32. WMF NatuRAMIC Pan
  33. Playbrush Dongle cum Game Controller
  34. Wakase iPhone 6 Plus case
  35. Brainwavz Hooka
  36. WMF Perfect Pro Pressure Cooker
  37. Philips Airfryer
  38. Brainwavz Jive Earphone
  39. BLU-200 Bluetooth Earphones
  40. Microsoft Band
  41. iPhone 6 and 6+
  42. Brainwavz S1 In Ear Noise Isolating Headphones

Staycations, Hotels, Food and Restaurant Reviews, Recipes

Event Listings, Campaigns and Causes

  1. Disney’s Lion King – World’s #1 Musical
  2. Live More, Bank Less – DBS
  3. Fun and Funkaar – Celebrating the Colors of Indus
  4. Dreamworks Day 2017
  5. Post-natal Depression
  6. Prerna Awards 2018
  7. RUN FREE Race 2017
  8. Rise and Shine Family FunFest
  9. Christmas at KidZania Singapore
  10. Red Bow Cafe @ Hotel Jen Puteri Harbor
  11. CNY Treats
  12. CNY at One Raffles Place
  13. Southern Christmas at Sentosa Harborfront
  14. Supermom Grandest Baby Fair
  15. Fun, Fair and Carnival at AMK Hub
  16. Kids for a greener World @ KidZania Singapore
  17. Robot Kitty Official Goods for Sale
  18. Candyland Balloon Sculptures, Story-telling Treats and more @ AMK Hub
  19. Hello Kitty Cafe Opening
  20. PAssionArts Festival 2016
  21. SmartKids Asia July 2016
  22. SpongeBob Run Singapore
  23. Friso Advantage
  24. Shrek the Musical June 2016
  25. Aviva Superfundae 2016
  26. Pout Care launches natural hair care for children with adventure carousel theme
  27. KidZania Singapore Opening in April 2016
  28. A sneak peek inside KidZania Singapore
  29. McDonalds Singapore Golden Treasure Chicken Burger
  30. KFC Battle of the Wings – Umadare vs. Yang Yeum

Relationships, Life, Education, Kids, Musings

  1. Family Bonding during Summer
  2. 9 Things every Vegetarian has to hear
  3. Gender-neutral Parenting
  4. Give me to Let’s Give
  5. Can Stroke be prevented?
  6. The joys and pains of being a Solo Father
  7. What Chinese New Year means to a Non-Chinese
  8. Year 2017 Glimpses – Looking back
  9. 5 things kids can do to make kids mentally strong
  10. 5 reasons why I encourage DIY by my kids
  11. Getting to know a New Person – Your Tween
  12. What Winter means to me
  13. Sports Day and that First Medal
  14. Indians in Singapore – you should relate to it
  15. Easiest Beauty Routine for Busiest Moms
  16. Our First Christmas Tree
  17. 5 things you must learn from kids
  18. Limiting Kids Screen time
  19. Break the silence, let’s help them speak
  20. 5 ways to make kids independent
  21. One day we blocked Internet and this happened…
  22. Happy Tummy, Happy Baby
  23. Life is a learning journey
  24. Fire that burnt and Lessons we learnt
  25. Happy Father’s Day to my kids’ dad
  26. My Parenting Mantra
  27. 5 ways to balance work and life when you are a busy travelling mom
  28. I for Important, I for Immunity
  29. 5 times when Kids left me Red-faced
  30. 5 tips for a great Outdoor Photoshoot
  31. Let them bloom in their own beautiful way
  32. Being Woman
  33. Year 2016 for our blog
  34. Let Kids be kids and let them play!
  35. Double Trouble or Double Fun or Both?
  36. Let’s Conquer Challenges Together
  37. Why Me Time is as Important as Family Time
  38. 10 Acts of Kindness all Kids Must Perfrom
  39. I wish I wasn’t an only child
  40. Family Time should be Quality Time
  41. Open Letter to the father of my kids for Father’s Day
  42. Proposal Story: How Cupid Struck
  43. 4 Generations, 4 mothers – One common thread of love
  44. Our favorite moms in Singapore
  45. Expectations from kids – How much is too much?
  46. Survival Guide for parents without helpers
  47. What happens to me after coming back from holidays?
  48. My Never-Ending Weight Loss Journey
  49. Kids n Me – Exciting Journey of Continuous Learning and Experiences
  50. Why it’s perfectly fine to be Imperfect?
  51. Effective Yoga Practices for Better Sleep

Global Collabs

  1. Zoe Cosmetics
  2. VYA Naturals
  3. Ray Mouth Freshener, Sanitizers, Stevia and cooking spray
  4. Biotique Skincare Range
  5. MamaEarth
  6. Vetro Clean Revolution
  7. Inja Life Collagen
  8. Urby Passport Holder




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