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Why Collaborate with RainbowDiaries?

  • We are featured on theAsianparent’s list of “Parenting Bloggers to Watch Out in Singapore”

  • Opportunity to reach more than 20000+ members, followers and likes. We are proud of our 12400+ followers on Instagram too. RainbowDiaries come with a solid 10 years presence on different social media.

  • We welcome Brands, PR Agencies, Affiliate and Guest post features. We not only do blog posts but we share them frequently on all our social media. This ensures maximum coverage for your brands and products.

  • We can do reviews for kids stuff, events, beauty, other lifestyle items and food – well, for almost everything!

  • Our reviews are in detail and cover all aspects of the products / brands. They are honest and based on our own experiences. Our kids give us valuable feedback and we share it with our partners and readers.

  • We are prompt in our work! Click here to view the big list of our collaborations, reviews, events, media invites.

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