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My family loves travelling. Travel acts like a magic potion that instantly rejuvenates you and recharges you to take the challenges of daily life head on. Also, for kids, travel means gathering new experiences and getting to know new cultures […]

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How Your Kids Can Learn Outside of the Classroom

How Your Kids Can Learn Outside of the Classroom They say that the best education in life is found outside of the classroom. Education is not only obtained by spending hours and hours pouring over a textbook, but it is […]

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This is the pristine place where Subah ki Chai was shot…

Those of you who are Indians staying in Singapore of course must have heard about Videohouze‘s Subah ki Chai – the famous show that many households here religiously watch. Subah ki Chai is a wonderful infotainment program currently running in […]

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Montigo Resorts

7 reasons why you must visit Montigo Resorts

Our recent trip to the Indonesian Island of Batam was a such an enchanting one! All thanks to Montigo Resorts where beauty of the location comes across in its full glory. Read my 7 reasons why you all must visit […]

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Though am a busy wife, mom and working woman, the wanderlust in me is always on the lookout for visiting new places. Malaysia has always been the magnet for me with its beautiful attractions. There’s so much to see and […]

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How to survive a plane ride with kids

Travelling with the kids in an airplane? Here are some to-doโ€™s… ย  Holidays are still on and many of us are out for different destinations or going soon.ย Travelling soothes your mind and rejuvenates you to face the new challenges of […]

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