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Survival Guide for Parents without full-time Helper in Singapore

True account of a working mom / parents who had to manage everything on the home front without any help for some weeks and lessons learnt thereby. This post should be useful to all those who are planning to employ a […]

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Writing the Right way…

Writing the Right way… Your kid is reluctant to start writing? Some tips that I am following to make my boy start writing… My boy is going to be 4 years old soon. Since last few months, I was wondering […]

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Yummy starter – Cheesy Garlicky mushrooms

Looking for a yummy starter that’s quick and easy to prepare? Try this recipe for cheesy and garlicky shiitake mushrooms.   As a mom, I am always looking for different options of food to be given to my kids because […]

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Our expectations from our little ones – How much is too much?

Are you too focused on academic performance? What can you do to ensure school success without putting too much pressure on your child?  Recently, I was with a group of parents who were dissecting the annual results of their kids. […]

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10 things to enjoy fruitful holidays with kids

Here are 10 ideas to enjoy school holidays with kids –  1. Take them to the library regularly. The National Library Board (NLB) loans double the books during school holidays and reading is the best thing to indulge in. More the […]

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How to survive a plane ride with kids

Travelling with the kids in an airplane? Here are some to-do’s…   Holidays are still on and many of us are out for different destinations or going soon. Travelling soothes your mind and rejuvenates you to face the new challenges of […]

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