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Lip Fillers Gone Wrong: Here’s What You Can Do

Lip fillers are quite popular these days. Actors and actresses who are blessed with beautiful lips make quite an impression on people. They are considered to be a very beautiful feature and many people want to achieve this look, even […]

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How INJA Life Collagen can do wonders for you…

I am a fan of Collagen. When I do facials, I go for Collagen ampules simply because they make skin look smoother and make it softer and firmer. I was always under the impression that Collagen = Skin benefits but […]

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Have Skin headache? Try Restoration Essence

What would you prefer given a choice? Natural or Artificial – Obviously, most of us would choose to be on the side of Natural. Then why sometimes we fall in the trap of artificial stuff containing additives, preservatives and all? […]

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With Love from Korea…Korean Cosmetics right here in Singapore by 1030am

Is this post title confusing? Actually, not. You really can get much-loved Korean cosmetics right in Singapore by 1030am – means by shopping online on!!! I so wanted to try out authentic Korean beauty products for a long time. […]

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How I found Yummy Churros with

I am in love with churros. Have eaten them only one time in an event and the taste is still lingering on my tongue. Where can I go and have it again? Where to find the most tasty, crispy-and-soft-at-the-same time […]

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