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Super-healthy, Super-nutty milkshake recipe

Want your child not miss the goodness that nuts offer? Make this easy-to-make super nutty milkshake recipe that is healthy to boot. As a parent, have you noticed that sometimes kids take infinity to chew on the food? When it […]

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Guest Post by a 10-year old: The World Beyond the Woods

In Singapore, CA1 exams are over. My daughter decided to write a short story for RainbowDiaries. She insisted to create her own illustrations for the story too. So here you go…the article that I publish without any edits…As is written […]

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Its time for Dance Fitness Workout with your loved ones! Join us by thebeach to sweat it out

RainbowDiaries is pleased to be associated with Beach BollyOut 2016 event as event’s Digital Media Partner. What is happening that day: Bolly Dazz Zumba Aerobics Bokwa Kickboxing Bhangra Aerobics There will be Fun & Interactive Games too. Also expect Yummy Food […]

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Our expectations from our little ones – How much is too much?

Are you too focused on academic performance? What can you do to ensure school success without putting too much pressure on your child?  Recently, I was with a group of parents who were dissecting the annual results of their kids. […]

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The Future of Us – How Singapore’s Tomorrow will be

I had heard some real nice words of praise about The Future of Us exhibition happening at 30 Marina Boulevard near Bayfront MRT station. Finally visited it yesterday and would definitely recommend it to you all to visit. 🙂   […]

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Signs indicating you are “possessed” by your Smart Phone and ortablets… :D

Is it happening to you too?1. You wake up and first thing you do is..No, not getting up from the bed, not lovingly looking at your spouse’s looking-so-innocent-in-the-sleep-face, not noticing the sun shining outside…BUT, checking your beloved smartphone, how many […]

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