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Exploring Family Funtainment with TheSmartLocal

I remember visiting TheSmartLocal website some time ago while googling info on local food. I have also watched and appreciated the witty videos of Keiji Umehara without actively realizing that some of them are also the creations of the same […]

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Give your skin a brand new look…Customized Luminosity Laser Skin Treatment@ Only

Disclaimer: RainbowDiaries believe in writing honest reviews and we don’t just go gaga withoutΒ valid reasons for any product / service. All our reviews are based solely on personal and family experiences. The reason why I put this disclaimer first is […]

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Hanuman – The Superhero Monkey…Go watch now with your cuties!

In this digital world, our kids are familiar expert in watching movies, playing games and other forms of entertainment. But Live Stage Shows win hands down when it comes to making kids truly deliriously happy! Singapore Repertory Theatre’s (SRT) Hanuman […]

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[Review] Mane n Tail Shampoos and Conditioners – Grow n Grow for the healthy and beautiful hair

[advertorial] We all, especially women are very sensitive about maintaining the beauty of our hair. But everyday, we have to face dust, stress, hot sun and all these factors definitely affect the hair also. Ageing, improper diet contribute to more […]

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Shakura – Pigmentation Experts for Asian skin

Singapore Desi received a call from Shakura‘s friendly beauty expert as a part of our engagement with other blogs / websites to try itsΒ SignatureΒ Treatment. Β  The lady informed about the procedure, outlets of Shakura in leading malls and most importantly […]

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