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Writing the Right way…

Writing the Right way… Your kid is reluctant to start writing? Some tips that I am following to make my boy start writing… My boy is going to be 4 years old soon. Since last few months, I was wondering […]

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[Exclusive Giveaway] Join the Current – Making Today’s Kids Well-informed about the Latest Happenings

Some days back, when I was watching international news on the TV, my 10-year old daughter who had just came back from her school commented very casually…”Mom, why are you watching news? There is nothing but violence and natural disasters in the […]

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Guest Post by a 10-year old: The World Beyond the Woods

In Singapore, CA1 exams are over. My daughter decided to write a short story for RainbowDiaries. She insisted to create her own illustrations for the story too. So here you go…the article that I publish without any edits…As is written […]

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Yummy starter – Cheesy Garlicky mushrooms

Looking for a yummy starter that’s quick and easy to prepare? Try this recipe for cheesy and garlicky shiitake mushrooms.   As a mom, I am always looking for different options of food to be given to my kids because […]

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Our expectations from our little ones – How much is too much?

Are you too focused on academic performance? What can you do to ensure school success without putting too much pressure on your child?  Recently, I was with a group of parents who were dissecting the annual results of their kids. […]

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A BIG Thank You to PNKids!

PNKids sent Singapore Desi packs of PNKids Multivitamin + Minerals Gummies For Boys and Girls and PNKids Complete Multivitamin + Minerals Syrup for Boys /Girls to try out, review and gave away to our members and readers. Here are the […]

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