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Mamaearth – pure, gentle, safe for Mamas and babies

I love products that are pure, gentle, safe and work wonders for babies’ delicate skin and for Mama’s tired skin. Recently found the Mamaearth range that gives me exactly what I am looking for. I had heard a lot of […]

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Indians in Singapore, you should relate to this

Are you an Indian living in Singapore? May be a new citizen or PR or foreigner…You visit India during school holidays and other special occasions like Deepavali etc…If yes, then in high probability, you will relate to below. You keep […]

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4 Generations, 4 Mothers – One common thread of LOVE

First of all RainbowDiaries wishes all of you a very very Happy Mother’s Day! We are of the opinion that all days are mother’s day and one single day cannot be enough to thank her. Having said that we do feel […]

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Travelling with Infants and Toddlers – Feeding bottles Mess!! and Ways to tackle…

Ask any new / somewhat-old mom who has to travel with her infant / toddler… about how she manages kid’s milk timings while on the go and the answer would be – “BIG MESS and SO MUCH HASSLE”!! Typical Scene: I am travelling to India..Air […]

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