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Drink the RIGHT Drink!!!

What if we get a “drink” that entire family can drink?! No, am not talking about water / milk / any junk drink / any hard drink…Am talking about this ⇓ I had seen this bottle in a friend’s house and […]

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{Review} Bebemi Organic Snacks – Toddler Treats!

This review is more for moms and dads whose babies are in toddlerhood stage and those who are looking for healthy and wholesome snacks for them. I remember when my kids were younger around 8 months to 1.5 year-ish age, they […]

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Soba with a Twist and Soya with Nuts

Now-a-days, it’s O for Organic when it comes to food that my family eats. Whenever I go for grocery shopping, my eyes search for Organic labels. My biggest concerns when shopping for Organic food – They are way too costly! […]

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Have you visited this Organic Farm in Singapore?

Vegetables and Fruits – Good Organic Vegetables and Fruits – even Better Organic Vegetables and Fruits freshly grown in Singapore – the BEST!!! I am a sucker for all things Organic. If you browse my blog-site a bit, you would find […]

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{Giveaway} Fresh n Healthy Fruit & Veg Combo by Sabine’s Basket

Life will be so so simple and easy if someone does vegetables and fruits shopping for me…and delivers it at my doorstep!!! Only pre-condition: The shopping has to be done my way, I should have wide variety options to choose what I […]

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