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Super-healthy, Super-nutty milkshake recipe

Want your child not miss the goodness that nuts offer? Make this easy-to-make super nutty milkshake recipe that is healthy to boot. As a parent, have you noticed that sometimes kids take infinity to chew on the food? When it […]

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Gumball is here….@City Square Mall

My Daughter and now Son are bigg fans of Gumball and his family 🙂 They love to watch the show regularly and simply adore the young cat and Darwin the fish. What fun it would be to see Gumball coming […]

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Travelling with Infants and Toddlers – Feeding bottles Mess!! and Ways to tackle…

Ask any new / somewhat-old mom who has to travel with her infant / toddler… about how she manages kid’s milk timings while on the go and the answer would be – “BIG MESS and SO MUCH HASSLE”!! Typical Scene: I am travelling to India..Air […]

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