8th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day and March is also the International Women’s Month. We are honored to be featured as a Changemaker on CircleDNA’s list of 6 Inspirational Stories.

I #ChooseToChallenge society’s harsh judgement against women


After giving birth to her first child, a preemie daughter, Shub’s supportive family helped her return to the workforce seamlessly, but she felt guilty due to other watchful eyes around her. Whenever there was a discussion about parenthood, the conversation somehow ended up at the idea that people think office-going mums can’t pay full attention to their children.

She had to deal with invasive and offensive questions, such as “Why do you work?”, “Do you really need the money?”, “Who takes care of your children?”, “Why don’t you spend time with your kids instead of blogging?”, and “Don’t you think you should focus more on your family?”. The appalling discrimination definitely stung and left its mark on Shub.

But now, she’s prepared to make a change. As a working mother in her forties, she is challenging the stigmas that she has to face on a daily basis. She says: Working mothers can care for their children too. Women are just as able as men to climb the corporate ladder – all the way to the top. Being in your forties should not stop you from having new experiences and taking on challenges. You can be a model even if you don’t fit in society’s skinny beauty standards.

Shub strongly believes that there shouldn’t be anything that limits your future as a female. By combining her feminist approach to life with her CircleDNA test results, Shub can harness her true potential by honing her strengths and working on her weaknesses while loving her unique DNA wholeheartedly. She’s also taking her first step in making healthier lifestyle choices thanks to the insights provided by CircleDNA’s detailed analysis.

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