I have written about it time and again – How Covid-19 has changed the way we look at everything in life and how we just can’t take anything from granted. My husband and me have been working from home mostly since early 2020 and it’s definitely not an easy phase. Work from Home schedules, Kids at home and now in school, Household duties and constant fear of the invisible – How many of you are experiencing symptoms of bloatedness, Bad posture of Working from Home giving neck and back pain, weight gain and lack of sleep? My husband and me experienced all these and the only thing that so far helped us is – Some form of exercise and then soothing body aches with HYDRAGUN to get going with the New Normal.


What is HYDRAGUN? Is it for Parents?

HYDRAGUN is a sports recovery device to relieve muscle soreness, tightness, aches, and knots. It’s a next-generation tool designed to help your body speed up recovery through myofascial release. In short, HYDRAGUN helps relax your muscles.

Sports change lives! Though my husband and me are not hardcore athletes / gym-fanatics or body builders, we have always believed in keeping fit by eating well and regularly indulging in some kind of physical activity – long walks being our favorite. So when I first heard about HYDRAGUN, I thought that though this gadget looks mighty impressive, is it suitable for us?

Then I thought why not? It’s a Massage Gun and that means it can definitely be used by recreational athletes, parents who would like to get deep tissue massages after work from home or after coming back from office and it’s for everyone who do some kind of exercises to stay fit. HYDRAGUN is for everyone just want to take a break from all the craziness that’s been happening. Bingo! I was so right.

My 5 Reasons why we are loving our HYDRAGUN?

Now after using Hydragun for some time, I can confidently say that we are loving it! It’s much needed for parents like me to get that much-needed care for aching muscles after a hard day’s work.


HYDRAGUN delivers what it claims to!

It’s a massage gun and it 100% delivers that promise. Hydragun massages really well – whether it’s neck / shoulder / calves. We can’t head to massage salons every now and then so this is such a cool handy gadget to have. IT Professionals like us have to spend long hours on computers resulting in terrible neck, arms and back pain. We have used HYDRAGUN to alleviate these pains.

In fact, hubby has used it before going for a jog to warm up muscles to prepare them for a jog. HYDRAGUN also works very well as a post-workout tool to calm down sore muscles.

It’s Quiet

The gadget puts me off if it makes too much of a noise even if it’s technologically very good. Thank God, HYDRAGUN generates just 30-50dB of noise. When I did unboxing, I thought – Gosh, this is going to be noisy. To my surprise, it’s really really quiet.

Six Massage Heads


This is a clear winner because different muscles need different types of care. Very thoughtful engineering behind HYDRAGUN I must say!

Image Courtesy: HYDRAGUN website

For busy and tired parents, Flat Head, Bullet Head, Fork Head work like a magic in my experience.


Sleek and Stylish

HYDRAGUN looks very classy. Sleek and Stylish built with the premium Aerospace grade Aluminium Shell material make it life-resistant.

HYDRAGUN also feels good in hands due to its Nanoscale Silicone wrapped handle. No sticky sweaty feel.

It’s ergonomic design provides a natural and comfortable grip while optimally aligning your forearm, wrist, and handle.

Long Battery Life and One Button Use

We have always loved gadgets that are fuss free. HYDRAGUN can be easily operated with just a single button – On/Off, Change the intensity of the massage is all very straightforward.

Once charged, it’s battery lasts up to 6 hours. This is a such a savior!

For parents, who are tied up in their office work or work from home, Parents who have aching muscles either due to exercise or lack of it, parents who are health enthusiasts and who try their best to follow the healthy lifestyle – HYDRAGUN is a great addition to your home!


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