My husband and me are IT professionals and have to spend long hours on computer. In 2020, our schedules have become erratic thanks to you-know-what! We wanted to get a good monitor that will increase our work productivity and at the same something that we can explore for gaming since our boy seems to be such a little gamer. After considering a few options, we zeroed down on PRISM+ X240 Gaming Monitor.


Here are my three reasons why even you should consider getting PRISM+ X240 Gaming Monitor for your home.

Trusted by Singaporeans

Support Local is what we have always believed in and PRISM+ is a proud Singapore brand.

PRISM+ is the leading Singapore brand that is famous for its comprehensive catalog of Gaming monitors and 4K Smart TVs. Their 100,000+ happy customers love the high-end premium features of PRISM+ and the best-possible, value for money prices. They are Lazadaโ€™s Top Electronics Seller and Singapore’s Top Gaming Monitor brand.

We had heard from our friends about how PRISM+ curved gaming monitor is possibly the best monitor in Singapore in terms of hi-end specs. Now after using it for some time, we totally agree!

Did you know? PRISM+ is Singapore’s first 1200R Curvature Gaming Monitor.


Perfect for Gamers

I think every gamer will agree with this – Gaming should be an uninterrupted, high-quality experience. PRISM+ X240 Gaming Monitor offers exactly that and more.

This curved monitor comes with an ultra-fast 144 Hz Refresh Rate. This refresh rate combined with other premium features results in smooth frames which is ideal for gamers especially those that play FPS.

PRISM+ X240 Gaming Monitor delivers an Ultra-Quick 1ms response time which results in less image ghosting. Gamers will love this feature where every single motion frame is captured down to a mere millisecond. Superb, isn’t it?

Another distraction for gamers is when there is a stutter in the display. PRISM+ Gaming monitor has a built-in AMD Radeon FreeSync technology that helps gamers to get a smooth and stable gaming experience. No visual tearing, stuttering and jamming.

For The Whole Family

We bought PRISM+ X240 Gaming Monitor not just for gaming. We wanted to use it as a Family monitor.


The Next-Level Vibrancy from a Wide Color Gamut of sRGB 120% makes this curved monitor an ideal choice for productivity while providing color accuracy.


It comes with the option to toggle multiple preset game modes and a movie or text mode, this best monitor in Singapore is ready to adapt to any work or entertainment that you throw at it to provide you with the most ideal viewing experience for the task.

Some other points that as a family you will like are its sleek and classy appearance, beautiful blue back-light, prompt Customer and After-Sales service and 3-year warranty.

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