Just when we thought that ZEE5 as an OTT has unleashed all the creativity already in its shows, it came up to spring more surprises. This time the surprise comes in the form of Churails! #MainChurailHoon

Pic Courtesy: ZEE5

What’s Churails Is All About?

Churails is a ZEE5 Exclusive Zindagi Original Series written and directed by Asim Abbasi. This series brings us a thrilling tale of 4 young women who run a secret detective agency under the guise of a Fashion store to find and unmask unfaithful husbands among elite class.

In this pursuit, these young women go beyond infidelity cases and start to help vulnerable women to save them from different atrocities.

The series focuses on the lives of Sara who is a lawyer that gave her career up to be the perfect wife, Jugnoo – a wedding planner, Zubaida who is a boxer constantly seeking independence and love, and Batool – an ex-convict who was sentenced to twenty years in prison for murder.

Their paths are crossed when Sara discovers her husband is being unfaithful to her. This incident leads the four to decide to set up an agency to catch cheating husbands in action. The agency is run secretly under the guise of a retail burka store called “Halal Designs”. This pack of four calls themselves as Churails means Witches. #MainChurailHoon

As the story progresses, one of them goes missing. In their investigation to find her, they sense something much bigger than they had imagined. Now it’s their turn to stand against the domination of city’s most powerful.

What works in Churails?

The story idea of women supporting women has an universal appeal and Churails make a big impression on that front. #MainChurailHoon

Brave young women on a mission to help the vulnerable are presented quite interestingly in Churails.

How the women start this secret detective agency, how the crimes start getting more sinister and how these bravehearts face it all and win is worth watching! #MainChurailHoon

Amazing story idea, crisp direction and realistic acting are big plus points of Churails. #MainChurailHoon

If you are looking to watch a thrilling, gripping tale of fierce women then Churails is the watch for you!

Pic Courtesy: ZEE5


Sarwat Gillani, Mehar Bano, Nirma Bucha, and Yasra Rizvi play the 4 savage protagonists – Sara, Zubaida, Batool and Jugnoo who have their own backstories. Sara, Zubaida, Batool and Jugnoo think progressively and are ready to combat the bad in the society. All of them act very well and play their roles capably. If you are glued to the seats then lion’s share of the credit goes to actors. Even supporting actors have done a very good job.

Pic Courtesy: ZEE5

Season 1 ends on a thrilling, interesting note! Who else is waiting for the next season already?

Watch Churails Title track here

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Watch Churails Season 1 here

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