For the last few months of Covid-19, one thing that we have sorely missed is going to Cinema but not anymore because our LUMOS AURO Home Cinema Short Throw Projector is here! Now we can turn our home into our Home Theater any time.

Read on to know how we are making our movie experiences even more awesome with LUMOS AURO Home Cinema Short Throw Projector.


Projector for Home? Yes!

Generally, we all use projectors in our workplaces and for events but for home? I wasn’t sure first. But my hubby had heard about LUMOS which is a local Singapore company that specializes in offering high specs projectors.

LUMOS Auro projector is for families and movie lovers to enjoy cinematic experience from the safety and comfort of their homes. Any wall can be your screen now!

LUMOS is a proud local home-grown company that specializes in offering high spec projectors that are of the best-value in the market. So no compromise with the quality while keeping the prices lesser. This is possible for LUMOS due to a direct-to-consumer business model.

5 Reasons Why We Are Perfectly Happy with our LUMOS Auro?


My kids have always loved watching movies in a cinema and they are big fans of movies under the stars events. So we thought why not we get a Home Projector for these little movie buffs? Good decision by us because kids are loving the weekend movie nights that we now have within the comforts of our home.


Resolution and other display-related factors, Sound

How effectively the movies or other videos get projected on the wall makes or breaks any projector. We did comparisons with some other brands and loved LUMOS Auro specs. It comes with Native FHD 1080p for great clarity.

Also its 6000 lumens High Brightness makes the colors more vibrant in the dark.

Its Short throw (1.3:1) aspect is perfect for homes. Even for homes with smaller rooms. For example: around a 3m distance can project 100 inch screen. With its Keystone Correction, you are able to place LUMOS Auro by bedside up to 50 degree and are still be able to cast a perfect rectangle screen. Even horizontal keystone is possible.

LUMOS Auro provides Dolby Audio which adds to its cinema appeal. Who doesn’t love that cinematic surround sound?

Works with any Wall

This is something I was a bit apprehensive about. We have some feature walls and some are normal colors. How the quality of the projection on all these walls was my doubt. I am pleasantly surprised with LUMOS Auro because when it is dark / dimly lit, the color of the wall does not matter. The texture of our feature walls is slightly visible on the projected screen but it’s not a hindrance to the viewing pleasure.



There is an Airplay/AirScreen app which allows casting with iPhones and Samsung Phones wirelessly. Another inbuilt Miracast app which is compatible with Android Phones.

Smart version comes with built-in Netflix+Youtube apps pre-loaded. LUMOS Auro is also compatible with most devices like bluetooth external speakers like Google Home or even gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch for an even bigger screen for your kids.

Overall, we found it to be quite straightforward to setup and easy to use. You can get a wireless mouse for enhanced experience of navigation.

Look, Size and Height Adjustable Stand

LUMOS Auro looks smart and it’s not too big or heavy. Its classy look adds to your home decor. We also bought LUMOS RIZE Projector Height Adjustable Stand which helps us to place our projector at any desired height to fit the display on any wall.


If you are looking for a useful Home Cinema System then LUMOS AURO Home Cinema Short Throw Projector is definitely for you! Check out their website here!

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