Raise your hand if you agree with the fact that the new cut or treatment not only brings new life to your tresses but also gives your confidence a big boost. It’s always a right time to visit YOON which is a leading hair salon in Singapore backed by rave reviews from customers and it comes with huge experience in services that they offer.

YOON Salon: Great For Hair Makeover

Your hairstyle determines how smart, sharp and great you look to a great extent. Also, it’s not necessary that the same cut or style will suit everyone. It’s never one size fits all when it comes to cut or style. For example, straight tresses may look good on your girlfriends but it could very well be that beach waves are your perfect fit. They have a well-qualified team that is highly creative when it comes to giving you a makeover with a fresh new cut and pampering your locks with a wholesome treatment. Moreover, all these services are customized to each individual’s needs.

YOON Salon: Top-notch Stylists

For any salon, it is beyond necessary to have a team of experienced and qualified stylists. This salon has a team of top-notch stylists who are always ready to assist clients with their expert ideas and recommendations. Your tresses are in safe hands! Don’t you think when the stylists are trusted, it’s always a peace of mind for clients?

YOON Salon: Variety Of services

It has a wide range of treatment and styling services for your crowning glory and that makes it really versatile for everyone even for kids.

Premium Cut

Don’t you think that a cut makes or breaks the overall personality of a person that’s why it is necessary to choose the salon very carefully. This salon offers premium cuts for all – short or long cuts and for adults or kids. They offer fringe cut too. They have an expertise in cutting and styling techniques like wedge, graduated, blunt, and layered cuts.

Stylists recommend the best cut based on the shape of your face. After thorough assessment, they cut and design the style accordingly.

Premium Colouring

Another important factor that affects your overall look is the colour of the locks. Unsightly greys can make you look older beyond your age.
Its premium colour services like:

  • One-Tone Colouring
  • Root Retouching
  • Grey Coverage

not only give the desired colour to your tresses but make you look even more attractive. Your colourist will expertly mix multi-tonal dyes to create a high-quality colour for your tresses and then apply the colour to full length or roots to achieve the desired look.

After the application of colours, your new colour penetrates into the cortex layer of each strand with the help of the salon thermal machine. Finally, after the wash, your tresses will look vibrant and so do you.

Creative Colouring

Though the process is much similar to the colouring, the colours used for creative colouring services are applied with trendy techniques like Balayage, Ombre and so on. You can also get highlights done. Creative Colouring amplifies your personality and you can become a center of attraction quickly.


Bored with a flat or straight look? Then you should try out Premium Perming. Their stylists offer perms ranging from Japanese Perm to Korean Wave and S- and C-curl Perms, Pin Curl Perm, and Root Volume Perm.
The process of Perming is very elaborate and stylists will first apply a perming blend so that it enters the inner structures and weaken the bonds. After that they will curl and reshape the tresses based on your choice of perm. Lastly, an oxidation lotion will be applied to make the curls strong. After a good rinse, you will get a new stylish permed look.


When the look is too wavy or frizzy or unmanageable then it is the Premium Rebonding that comes to your rescue. Whether Straight Rebonding or Soft Rebonding, it helps in reducing Lock Breakage and leaves the tresses moisturized with a silky appearance. People with curly hair can always try rebonding for a new look.

Creative Shaping

There are new trends in care and styling almost every day and Yoon Salon gladly brings them in for the clients. Services like:

  • Volume C-Curl Rebonding
  • Volume S-Curl Rebonding

give Natural-Looking Curls to the ends of your locks and make them look voluminous. Also, these curls are easy to maintain.

Hair Defrizzing Treatment

Pollution, Exposure to the Sun, Stress not only affect our skin but also make our hair dull and lackluster. Hair defrizzing treatment helps to reduce frizz and strengthen roots help to reduce frizz and strengthen roots. This leads to strong and silky hair.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair cannot look healthy if the scalp is not! That’s why we should not ignore scalp health. Its Hair Regrowth Treatment works well on dry/oily, sensitive scalp and treats it by exfoliating the scalp of impurities. Comfortable and relaxing scalp and head massage boosts hair growth and dandruff-free scalp.


They use only the high quality products for Premium Hair Bleaching to lighten the hair colour and seal it. It also makes hair smooth.

Premium Wash And Blow

Want to revamping your look for a party or special occasion quickly? Then Deep Cleansing Wash and Professional Styling services that include deep cleansing wash as well as a gentle head, neck and shoulder massage are perfect to help you destress and relax.

Why Choose YOON Salon?

    • Use of premium and gentle products that don’t harm your hair and scalp
    • Wide range of offerings of cut, styles and treatments that makes it one-stop shop for all your needs
    • Team of professional hairstylists who know the best for your locks
    • Convenient, central salon locations at Orchard, Havelock and Queensway to suit all
    • $28 deal for your first appointment booked online at their website

More Information

To get the $28 deal for your first time at YOON, simply book a slot online. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to try out any of their premium services!

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