Doing acts of kindness has no age! Kids can perform acts of kindness even when they are very young. Caring for someone, sharing your stuff with friends, helping the vulnerable are the values that all parents should imbibe on young minds.

Daily routine life offers so many opportunities for us to be kind and gracious. Here are a few ways kids can be kind to all.

  • Be an animal lover. Help animals in any which way you can. If you want to get a pet, adopt it rather than buying it! If you already have one, take care of your fur-friend yourself. Giving them bath, taking them for a stroll gives immense pleasure.
  • When travelling in MRT, do vacate your seat for elderly and other vulnerable people. Remember they need the seat more than you.
  • Keep the door open for someone behind you when entering or exiting from shops, escalator etc. You can make someone smile with this little gesture of yours.
  • Help your parents in doing daily chore. Example, folding laundry, making dinner table. Parents toil for the family day in and day out. How nice they will feel when you offer them a glass of water!
  • Volunteer to babysit your younger siblings when parents are busy in other work. You will bond more closely with your sibling and the sibling will have more respect towards you.
  • Love plants! Either make your own little garden or water the plants using the left-over water in your water bottles while coming back from school. Go Green has to be the mantra.
  • Help elderly to cross the road safely. Hold their hand if needed. When you do this, ensure you are following traffic rules!
  • Make DIY gifts to express your love for your friends and family. DIY gifts might not look as sophisticated as the readymade ones but they are priceless since your emotions make them special.
  • Save some bucks from your pocket money and use the savings to help the vulnerable. Example: buying tissue papers from elderly vulnerable or helping the blind person playing music for livelihood.
  • Donate your old clothes, toys to helper auntie or non-profit organizations. Celebrate your birthday in an old age home or orphanage and delight them.

As a parent, I am trying to ensure that my kids have compassion and kindness for people especially needy. Are you doing it as well? Which are the other acts of kindness kids can perform? Share with us.

Note: I wrote this article for theAsianparent – Singapore’s leading parenting magazine. Link to original article is here.

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47 comments on “10 acts of kindness that all kids should perform”

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  2. Qian Reply

    can’t agree with you more. these are 10 important acts of kindness we should pass down to our next generation

  3. Chrinstine Reply

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    I have learn this submit and if I may just I desire to recommend you some attention-grabbing things or tips.
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  4. Rika Reply

    I agree that kids need to learn good deeds. Even looking at kids now, I wonder what went wrong. Kids learn from young but if no one teaches them, they won’t know what are good deeds. Even good manners. I’ve had kids bump into me then ran away like nothing happened with the parents too busy browsing stuff in supermarket.

  5. arisa Reply

    It’s easy to say or write it down but how you actually take the effort to implement all those above is the challenge.

  6. Berlin Reply

    I agree as well. Doing acts of charity and kindness doesnt need to be a work of adults. Even children has their way to share their love and care.

  7. Mummy C Reply

    I totally agree with you..I believe the foundation yrs are the best time for them to start learning kindness & have been teaching & instilling it into my boy ?

  8. Absolute Yana Reply

    It’s true..this practice needs to start from a young age..I have seen so many kids these days…and everytime I feel like what have happened to the newer generation

  9. Sharon Lee Reply

    Kids should learn and experience all these since small! Love this sharing, some of this kindness parents should be an example and lead the kids to perform. Sometimes kids learn from us and its important we be a good example for them too!

  10. Betty Liew Reply

    Agree with you as doing good did not count which age we are and not reason for it. We need to learn to be humble and help for whose that need help. Do it if you really want to help and not for the rewards.

  11. Cheryn Tan Reply

    These should be second nature, but for some it is still now. I feel sad for Malaysia sometimes when I see we are a developing country but due to our inability to show kindness and common sense we are branded with third world mentality.
    Let’s start with the young to change the world we live in.

  12. Emily Reply

    These acts of kindness should be cultivate from young. I see many adults not doing these and I feel that their upbringing is to be blamed. Thanks for being a good parent.

  13. Debs G Reply

    This is a really good list! I think it’s helpful to keep these life goals written down somewhere so that the kids understand what your family values are.

  14. David Sim Reply

    Yes indeed…kids need to learn to be kind and in many ways they learn through observing us – their parents and the exposure we give them. Thanks for the post.

  15. Anna-Maria Reply

    That’s such an amazing post. Imagine if all parents taught their children these simple things, how different the world would be?!

  16. Young Smarties Reply

    Totally agree with you! To be kind, has to start from young. I do teach my kids on these as well and is everyday, not just a day thing. As for us the adults, we have to do the same as we are their role model 😉

  17. Rosey Reply

    My son’s girlfriend fosters dogs. She’s got the whole family involved, and the kids love this most!

  18. Jason Panuelos Reply

    It really is so important for kids to know the joy of being kind to others. Such a nice read! 😀

  19. Jacqualine Reply

    I think helping people in general is something I would really love my kids to have. While we teach our kids to be kind, I feel that we also need to have some public education in educating people how to say “thank you” when they are showered with kindness?

    So many people always walk through the doors that we open for them, without a word of thanks or acknowledgement! >:(

  20. Vivien Soon Reply

    I like the last point “Celebrate your birthday in an old age home or orphanage and delight them.” This is really a marvelous idea!

    I’m curious though if there is any that will allow us to do that. Anyone you know have done it before?

    Vivien ( Beautiful Chaos )

    • shubhadabhide Reply

      I have distributed goodie bags in ramakrishna mission singapore for my boy’s bday. So yes, there must be some more such institutions that will allow this.

  21. Leke Awonuga Reply

    Kindness is more like a two-way act. Obviously, you’ll get rewarded based on your act of kindness regardless of the importance of the receiver.

  22. Zwitsy Reply

    I believe these should be practiced at the early age and I believe all parents do that. I am not just sure of those who don’t do it. On the other hand, there are inborn individuals who have those traits even if not taught. I knew some. 🙂

  23. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Kindness is something that we don’t pass up on, especially when it’s our turn to teach our kids about kindness. I think it’s important that we do at least one act a day. It teaches them compassion and care towards others.

  24. Saminu Abass Reply

    Wowww. This is wonderful, great piece of information, education, piece words of advice and words of encouragement. Kindness should be shown to all creatures not only human. To know it more read it here

  25. Fred Reply

    I enjoyed reading this list of good deeds. We need to really teach our kids about thinking about and doing what we can do for the less fortunate.

  26. Bukola Reply

    I agree with all the tips shared above because It is really important for such values to be instilled in children and for them to know the right thing to do.

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