Doing acts of kindness has no age! Kids can perform acts of kindness even when they are very young. Caring for someone, sharing your stuff with friends, helping the vulnerable are the values that all parents should imbibe on young minds.

Daily routine life offers so many opportunities for us to be kind and gracious. Here are a few ways kids can be kind to all.

  • Be an animal lover. Help animals in any which way you can. If you want to get a pet, adopt it rather than buying it! If you already have one, take care of your fur-friend yourself. Giving them bath, taking them for a stroll gives immense pleasure.
  • When travelling in MRT, do vacate your seat for elderly and other vulnerable people. Remember they need the seat more than you.
  • Keep the door open for someone behind you when entering or exiting from shops, escalator etc. You can make someone smile with this little gesture of yours.
  • Help your parents in doing daily chore. Example, folding laundry, making dinner table. Parents toil for the family day in and day out. How nice they will feel when you offer them a glass of water!
  • Volunteer to babysit your younger siblings when parents are busy in other work. You will bond more closely with your sibling and the sibling will have more respect towards you.
  • Love plants! Either make your own little garden or water the plants using the left-over water in your water bottles while coming back from school. Go Green has to be the mantra.
  • Help elderly to cross the road safely. Hold their hand if needed. When you do this, ensure you are following traffic rules!
  • Make DIY gifts to express your love for your friends and family. DIY gifts might not look as sophisticated as the readymade ones but they are priceless since your emotions make them special.
  • Save some bucks from your pocket money and use the savings to help the vulnerable. Example: buying tissue papers from elderly vulnerable or helping the blind person playing music for livelihood.
  • Donate your old clothes, toys to helper auntie or non-profit organizations. Celebrate your birthday in an old age home or orphanage and delight them.

As a parent, I am trying to ensure that my kids have compassion and kindness for people especially needy. Are you doing it as well? Which are the other acts of kindness kids can perform? Share with us.

Note: I wrote this article for theAsianparent – Singapore’s leading parenting magazine. Link to original article isย here.

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