As we enter the Phase 1 of exiting Circuitbreaker and life is resuming to come to normalcy, I decided to take stock of what we did during this entire period of #circuitbreakersg that started on 7th April 2020.

Family Bonding At Its Best

We both are office going parents and generally have multiple tasks to handle. Circuitbreaker presented such an amazing opportunity for us to be there with our kids literally 24×7!


As a mom who has always valued her me-time to remain sane, surprisingly, I didn’t feel even an iota of boredom or suffocation or I-want-to-run-away-kind-of-moments at all.

Home Based Learning

Another new that the situation presented was/is – HBL. I was quite jittery about it in the beginning. Whether kids will cope up with it, will they be able to focus, will they actually learn, will they be able to manage the technology? thousands of questions…


Ahem, ahem, kids now a days I tell you! Surpassed all my doubts and worries and rocked HBL like a boss. These little people are just too good and we have so much to learn from them.

Work From Home

I am an outgoing person. I like to go to office, love my daily commute, eating out, shopping, meeting friends over lunches, attending media events and everything about outside world.

Working from Home I wasn’t too sure of how I’ll handle. Productivity, Sitting in front of computer continuously, communicating and making it effective over phone, video and emails without actual face-to-face meetings is not that easy. Thankfully, I picked the tricks fast and managed it quite well.


One alert / reminder for all of us and self who work from home – Please please be careful about your health. WFH can cause health issues. I have been hearing about it from all the places. So, we must eat healthy, take regular breaks and listen to our body diligently.

Community Projects

This is the best time to be a part of community projects that support local businesses, health herors, F&B heroes and migrant workers. I’m glad that I contributed my bit and could be of some help.

My SocialMediaMomSG came up with this fun video to spread positive vibes while staying home.

I was honored to be a part of the campaign by to say thanks to F&B heroes

With my Instagram momtribe, we curated this beautiful collage to emphasize the importance of staying home safely to stop the spread.

and….we sang for Singapore…

I wore saree and gave interview to Demure Drapes! Click here to watch.


WhatsApp Catch Up With Friends And Family

Whoa! I have always used WhatsApp very minimally. But during this period, it was such a savior. I connected back with my school friends, my extended family members who are all over the world. Covid-19 is a common topic and most of the world was / is under the lockdown so it’s enlightening to know about their situation and perspectives.


My WhatsApp Mom Community gave huge strength to cope up and make the most of this Coronatime.

Zoom, Skype, Hangout Enrichment Lessons

I appreciate the teachers who leveraged the technology and ensured that kids continue to attend enrichment and mother tongue classes. Shrihaan’s Music lessons continued over Google Hangout thanks to Aureus Academy and Eeshaa’s Hindi tuition teacher used Zoom and Skype for strengthening their language concepts.

In fact, we even had a Zoom Playdate for Shrihaan and his friends.


DIY, Drawing, Gardening


It was all about learning to live a slow life. We managed to find some quality time for DIY activities. Shrihaan drew, Eeshaa painted and I realized that I love gardening.


I also picked up an art of doing basic makeup.

Lots of Cooking

One of the revelation that Circuitbreaker brought in for me – I CAN COOK EVEN BETTER than I thought. Wow, I cooked and baked so many dishes.


If you see more of Master Chefs around after this period, then all the credit goes to circuitbreaker.


Enjoying Simple Pleasures of Life

Most importantly, we all learned to ENJOY simple pleasures of life. We realized that no fancy clothes, no fine dining food, no expensive travels are needed when you have your loved ones with you. With your family, even grocery shopping is a big fun.


We also took time to pray God and bowed down to the Nature.

Also, don’t you think that we all saved up more $$$s while staying safe at home? I bet I did.


I will still say Covid-19 and the turn of events after that is the most terrible thing of recent times but at the same time, it did teach and is teaching invaluable lessons that we all have to remember forever!

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