ZEE5 has always been a favourite OTT platform and during lockdowns, it’s such a mood booster. Do you know ZEE5 is a multilingual app and it has such a great collection of content from various Indian languages?

Let me share more about the collection of free Kannada movies that you shouldn’t miss on ZEE5. These movies are truly entertaining and will bring a big smile on your face.

Prachanda Ravana Kannada

This movie is so special! Prachanda Ravana is a mythological film made by a group of software techies of Karnataka who have based the script on an old classic Kannada play of the same name. Late Kanagal Prabhakara Shashtry who remains even today as the legendary writer of Kannada films had written the play and had even directed the play which became hugely popular.

Pic courtesy: ZEE5

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This film has well-known stars like Devaraj, Sudharani and Bharath Bhagavathar. The story revolves around Ravana who acquires tremendous powers from Lord Shiva and sets out to kidnap Sita. However, Lord Hanuman arrives for her rescue and eventually Ravana gets killed.

This story is so near to every Indian’s heart and you should not miss this movie.

Pic courtesy: ZEE5

This movie has some cool technical inputs and musical score. Kudos to Director Srinivasa Prasad for selecting Prachanda Ravana as his debut movie based on a play written 50 years ago by Kanagal Prabakara Shastri. Devaraj as Ravana has done a stupendous job and so is Sudharani as Mandodhari. Rajeshwari as Seetha and Bharat Bhagavathar as Anjaneya have performed tremendously well. The grandeur of the sets and melodious music by Vajrappa and Mysore Gopi adds a lot to the film.

More Info:

Banner : New Wave Productions
Director : Srinivasa Prasad
Producer : Girish and Lokesh
Music : Vajrappa and Mysore Gopi
Cast : Devaraj, Sudharani, Rajeshwari, Bharat Bhagavathar


Putra is a remake of Tamil film ‘Em Magan’ starring Bharath. The highlight of the movie are the sentimental sequences. The Kannada remake is well-made too.

Pic courtesy: ZEE5

This movie is a 2010 Kannada drama starring Diganth, Supriya and Rupa Shri. It highlights different aspects of a father-son relationship. 

The main storyline of the movie is the relationship between a very good son and his strict and enraged father. This story idea is something that is definitely relatable to people.

Krishna is a much-misunderstood son who runs a grocery shop. His father has a short temper and often cows down the son. Krishna remains an obedient son and takes on all the insults heaped by his Dad. The love story between Krishna and Thulasi adds an interesting angle to the story.

Diganth and Avinash have delivered a powerhouse performance.

Pic courtesy: ZEE5

Diganth surprises with his convincing emotional performance. Veteran Avinash has excelled in the role of a tough father. Their chemistry works.

Cameraman is Naveen Suvarna and the music composer is Raja Ramesh.

Good story and neat performances from the two lead male actors make Putra a good watch!

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Do watch Kannada movies on ZEE5 and tell us how you liked them.

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