Back to School with ABCs of Keeping Safe!

All of us in Singapore have gone through an unprecedented set of events last few months no thanks to Covid-19. We learnt many new terms like Social Distancing and Safe Hands while adapting to wearing masks and washing hands frequently. With the fear of Coronavirus lurking around, we also had to undergo Circuitbreakersg to ensure that the spread is contained in order to stop it eventually.

Parents like you and me faced high levels of anxiety because children were going to preschools and schools during the outbreak and it must have given sleepless nights to many of us. After having around 1 month of HBL and then school holidays, now the pre-schools and schools have begun to reopen in phases and it’s time that our children and we all practice The ABCs of Keeping Safe!

Now that pre-schools are resuming, lot of parents have some concerns regarding the safety of their children. Though, we all have to keep in mind that just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes all of us to ensure that children remain safe at schools and enjoy learning. As a parent, I feel that the safety measures part in place under “COVID-Safe ABCs” – Safe Access, Safe Behaviors and Safe Classrooms (ABCs) will go a long way to combat Covid-19.  Keeping the preschool community COVID-Safe is a collective effort. We as parents have to support these efforts too.

What are the ABCs of Keeping Safe? How Parents can help?

safe Access, safe Behaviors and safe Classrooms – that’s the essence of these new ABCs!

  • Parents must follow all the Covid-19 safety rules themselves first of all. Let’s practice before we preach.
  • As a part of Safe Access measures adopted by pre-schools, health and temperature checks are happening on kid’s entry to the school and throughout the day. Parents, it’s our duty to keep children at home if they are not well or you are not well and to seek medical assistance.
  • It’s very crucial that we all maintain safe Behavior at all times. Wearing our face masks when outdoors and teaching children the right way to wear them is necessary.
  • We should emphasize the importance of washing hands after every 2 hours when in school and how bad habits like touching face, sharing masks and other equipment with others need to be avoided strictly.
  • We should know how pre-schools are stepping up measures to ensure classrooms are Safe Classrooms. There’s staggering of classes, pick-up and drop-offs that doesn’t allow different groups to mix with each other.
  • Parents can try fun experiments, role-plays at home and imbibe Covid-19 Safety principles and discipline in their children. 

One such resource I tried is this COVID-Safe #BacktoSchoolABCs rhyme. It’s very edutaining! My children are singing it entire day. In fact, their teachers have showed them this video too in school.

Discussing ABCs of Keeping Safe with children help immensely and believe me, children are amazing learners. When parents, pre-school staff, Government bodies and children all play their part, we are sure to beat Covid-19. Let’s all of us support our preschools and children with their Back-to-School ABCs to keep our community COVID-Safe. Happy Back-to-school to you all!

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12 thoughts on “Back to School with ABCs of Keeping Safe!”

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  3. yesterday I posted related to these, being a mom I can feel the stress of every mother . These simple steps will help our child to stay away from covid.

  4. Loved the rhyme and your post Shubhs. Schools have still not commenced here in India and the parents don’t even want them to open till the Corona threat is over

  5. Wow, Singapore has opened the schools with initiative by the governement for kids. The way they have presented safety measures, it will help children understand it really well.

  6. Khushboo Wase

    That’s a informative and helpful post. We all should follow the safety standards which will help everyone

  7. iTS VERY important that school should take proper precautions whenever they reopen. N kids should also be taught to stay safe.

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