No one entered 2020 expecting it to come to a standstill. What a year it’s turned out to be! We’ve been in an unprecedented situation since late January due to Covid-19. As a mom, I have been battling a high level of panic and anxiety. While we are in a country like Singapore where rules are stringent and care is superlative, there is always a constant fear of the invisible Coronavirus lurking around. For a mom, that fear feels heightened.

On my WhatsApp groups, there are frequent discussions about someone’s close family member testing positive for Covid-19, and how the whole family pays a hefty price for it. Besides the physical suffering and mental stress, the risk of losing jobs and post-recovery care can be very taxing on families. Ultimately, it all boils down to managing your finances. Burning your savings or your monthly salary for treatment is a harsh reality in this post-Covid-19 world.

So, what can we do in such a scenario where each day brings with it a twist, and uncertainty grapples you like never before?

Sure, we are taking utmost care, staying home, wearing masks, and following all the rules but… And this ’but’ is indeed very scary! What if Coronavirus strikes us? If we think practically, it can happen anytime to any one of us.

What do you really do in a situation wherein peace of mind seems elusive? You’ve got to start somewhere.

Get Insured!

Growing up, I never understood the importance of all those insurance policies that my parents used to opt for. Now, as a parent myself, I can’t agree more with them. Insurance is like a pillar that offers solid support in tough times. A good insurance policy looks out for you and your family, helps you financially through unexpected diseases, fire, unemployment, and so much more. More importantly, it lets mums like me sleep better, knowing that there’s a fall-back option.

FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage insurance

Full disclosure: I didn’t know about any dedicated policy that covers the risk of Covid-19 among other infectious diseases. The other day, while I was browsing through SingSaver — one of my favorite personal finance sites — I chanced upon the perfect insurance plan for my family. When it comes to finding the right insurance policies, credit cards, personal loans, and other financial products with easy-to-use and self-serving comparison tools, SingSaver has long been my go-to website. Bonus points for its unbiased, accurate and latest information on financial products that you’d definitely helpful.

I happened to read about the FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage insurance policy, found it completely suited to my needs and was thoroughly impressed about the benefits.

Why I am looking up FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage insurance and you should too…

FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage insurance is dedicated to cover policyholders for infectious diseases including COVID-19, dengue, Zika virus and more.

Frankly speaking, infectious diseases have always been a threat to us, but nothing has been as life-altering as Covid-19. What stands out in this plan is its coverage of a comprehensive list of 24 infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Similar insurance plans on the market offer only an average of 20.

FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage insurance policy is relevant even after the pandemic.

As the name suggests, you are indeed getting a 2-in-1 package deal. Besides COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, you also get covered for what is included under a traditional personal accident insurance plan. This ensures that you and your loved ones are protected even after the pandemic ends.

Affordable Protection for All in the Family

FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage insurance policy can be purchased exclusively on SingSaver at just $98 per annum for individuals, inclusive of GST. For couples, the policy has a 5% discount and is available for $186.2 inclusive of GST. For a family of four, there is a 10% discount with the cost a reasonable $252.

Comprehensive Coverage for Covid-19

For medical expenses in Singapore, you can claim up to $1,000 for COVID-19 and infectious diseases, up to $2,000 for personal accidents plus up to $500for Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians.

Daily hospital income for COVID-19 and infectious diseases is $25/day and personal accidents is $50/day. If you are warded in an ICU, you stand to receive daily income supplements of up to $50/day for COVID-19 and infectious diseases and up to S$100/day for personal accidents.

In an unfortunate event of death, the policy covers $50,000 death benefit from COVID-19 and infectious diseases, plus $100,000 for personal accidents.

Occupational loading can increase your premium by up to 80%. However, with this policy, you pay the SAME LOW price, regardless of your occupation!

FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage insurance is the only policy to offer standard enhanced benefits that cover worldwide medical expenses (hospitals and clinics), hospital income and medical evacuation in the event that the policyholder contracts an infectious disease and/ or meets with an accident.

Personal Accident Benefits

FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage insurance provides a number of benefits against Personal accidents including accidental death benefits, permanent total & partial disability, emergency medical evacuation and it even covers Chinese physicians, acupuncturists, bonesetters and chiropractor expenses.

Click here to see the complete list of benefits of this policy.

How to apply?

Check your Eligibility

More information:

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For claims, email to /

Stay safe, Stay protected!

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