Actually, I am seriously considering to do a Vlog of this post. Who knows I would become famous like Superwoman AKA Lily Singh. LOL! Talking about Lily Singh, I must give some credit to her for giving me an idea of this topic. My daughter has subscribed to her channel and the reason is Lily’s vlogs on her parents!!! That means my daughter definitely finds some (or lot) similarities between me and those parents. When Eeshaa watches these videos, she is giggling to laughing to ROFLing and so on. Hence, this is my topic from a mom’s perspective.

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1. Nag, Nag and Nag more…

Eeshaa (you can replace this name with your kid’s name. Conversation will be still something on the similar lines)

Eeshaa, did you pack your tomorrow’s school bag?

Eeshaa, are you sure you are not forgetting anything?

Eeshaa, I think you have not taken my signature on that form that you have to submit tomorrow.

Eeshaa, don’t forget to pack that form too in the school bag.

Eeshaa, sleep quickly else tomorrow morning you won’t get up on time.

Eeshaa, I think let me recheck your school bag to ensure you have packed everything properly.

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Whoa! Typical Indian mom just gets stuck on one topic and keeps moving around that topic like a top!

2. Stuff kids with all sorts of food –

Oh! Why you have not eaten this roti? Do you want me to make one cheese Prata? (paratha in Desi, Prata is a Singapore term for the same)

Shri, why are you eating less? I must get some vitamins for you.

Idea! Let me camouflage some spinach, carrots and broccoli in these patties…kids won’t know and that way they will eat veggies.

How about making some powder of dry fruits and mix it with Atta? Then I will make rotis and kids will get their dryfruits fix which otherwise they won’t eat.

Boy, you have constipation. Today your afternoon snack will be cup corn. Corn is good to relieve constipation.

Oh no, I have to keep ready my next week’s menu – morning breakfast, school tiffin 1, school tiffin 2, lunch, mid afternoon snack 1, snack 2, evening snack 1, Dinner, Before Bedtime what type of milk they will drink. They eat so less. Sigh!

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3. Panic and Super-panic

On phone with kids: What? What happened? You fell down on the playground? How come? Where you got hurt? Wait, am going to playground.

On phone with helper: What? He has fever? How much? Can you take his temperature and SMS me ASAP? If it is more than 38-38.2 degrees then we have to give hi-fever medicine else normal medicine will do. Send me pics of the medicines first. I m coming home soon and then we will take him to doctor.

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With hubby: You don’t say anything. Lemme handle it. I know better when it comes to kids health.

I am one panicky mom and I have no qualms accepting it. For me love = panic. How about you?

4. Your exam or my exam?

Well, personally am not like this or so do I believe but I have seen many many Indian moms who take their kids exams very very seriously and I truly admire their focus.

When exam approaches, mom cancels all activities that she feels will create hurdles in the study.

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Girl, sorry no playground for next 45 days because mid term is almost here.

Boy, see I already studied this method of Maths problem sums. Am going to sit with you next 3 hours and explain you. Let’s practice!

Hubby, not to plan any outings for coming 2 months because kids have first term exams. Don’t call any guests and all because I need to completely focus on kids’ exams.

I am taking 1.5 months leave from office because it’s an important year for kids. It will decide their future.

5. Don’t need loudspeaker

Some of you have met me (and heard me). My voice is too loud. I don’t need loudspeaker if I have to address a conference of 100-150 people or even more. Not only mine but many of the Indian moms I know have super high decibel levels – especially while talking to kids and hubby.

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By the way, I love the fact that we don’t get deterred by the surroundings and keep our voice at the same high level. In fact, I have no idea how to lower down voice. If I try, it’s like whispering then. Hu Hu hu…

Mom is a mom is a mom – Indian or any other race. I m sure most of you will relate to some or the other traits that I mentioned in this post.

Kids – you might get angry with all the nagging and panicky behavior of your moms but always remember that you are the center of their universe and whatever moms do is always for your good.

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Moms, You rock! ♥

This post is a tongue-in-a-cheek view of mine as a mom. No intention to hurt anyone. Also, I totally don’t want to stereotype and believe that we all are special in our own unique ways. ♥