Are you missing the buzz you get from visiting your local coffee shop? You are probably not just missing the caffeine fix, but also the enjoyment of choosing from a menu of coffees and finding a nice place to sit and enjoy a freshly brewed cup.

It is possible for anyone to recreate the feel and vibe of a coffee shop, by making their own coffee station at home. Don’t settle for tasteless instant coffee, or microwaving an old cup gone cold. You can make yourself a home coffee station that features a range of fresh brews ready to go in minutes. Here are our four tips for making a cozy coffee station at home.

Choose Your Space or Use a Coffee Cart

Your home coffee station can be as big or small as you need it to be, but it is going to have to be somewhere handy so it is ready when you need it.

You can fit a great coffee station in a corner or nook of your kitchen, especially if you have some empty countertop space to use. If you are low on space, or you want to make your coffee station mobile, you can use a cart to give yourself a station on wheels that can be placed where you need it.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

You don’t need much room to make a quality coffee station at home, but there are some necessities that you are going to have to make some space for. You also need some space to use the station, to brew your coffee and pour your cups.

A coffee pod machine is a great space-saving solution, allowing you to brew a wide range of varieties without taking up too much space. Pod machines also cut down on the amount of equipment and ingredients you need to store. You won’t need to grind any beans, and you can have a range of different blends without having to store bags and bags of different coffee beans.

Plan some storage for your accessories, and incorporate them into your display. Having stirrers and sugars and/or sweeteners nearby is a must. You could also do with somewhere to keep milk or cream, just a small amount to decant and use at your station. Leave the bigger bottles in the refrigerator.

Make a Wipe Clean Surface or Tray a Part of Your Design

Making cups of coffee can be messy, and spills and drips are inevitable. Add the heat of the coffee to some sugar and you can get stains that seem glued onto surfaces.

Use a removable and easy to clean board or tray as your drink preparation surface. You can even buy two, so you always have a clean one available, and they can be dishwasher safe to save you a tricky cleaning job.

This also creates an opportunity for some color and style to be added to your home coffee station. You can buy chopping boards, for instance, that have decorative patterns or even artwork on them to add some style and sophistication to your home coffee station design.

Add Some Plants or Flowers

No coffee shop, or home coffee station, is complete without some plants or flowers to bring some color and fragrance to your coffee drinking experience.

Some nice herbs can be the perfect way to add some natural green colors to your home coffee station and if it is in the kitchen, they are handy for cooking too! Flowers bring color and fresh fragrances to the space but can be expensive to maintain. You can try well-made plastic ‘faux flowers’ that can give you the same effects for less money, and rely on the scent of freshly brewed coffee to give your home coffee station some ambiance.

With your coffee station set and ready to go, all that is left to do is make yourself a fresh cup and sit down and relax a while. After all your hard work, you deserve it!

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