Thanks to my kids, I got to know about Leftose® a few years ago. Whenever they got sore throat and phlegm, their Paed always prescribed Leftose®. Unlike other medicines, my kids never complain when they have to take Leftose®. In fact, my son calls it as “sugar syrup”.


Leftose® Syrup

Leftose® is available in syrup form. It is formulated with lysozyme, an all natural enzyme that is also found in tears, milk and saliva. Its natural, sweet taste makes this soothing on both taste buds and tummies, making it especially easy to administer to kids.

Leftose® Syrup comes with stickers so kids can enjoy playing while getting their sore throat cured and phlegm dissolved.

Do you know?

Leftose® is made from Lysozyme, a natural enzyme which may help to relieve symptoms such as:

  • Inflammation in sore throat
  • Phlegm in chesty cough

It’s the 2-in-1 natural, non-drowsy remedy for chesty cough and sore throat. Leftose®’s proven formula has been trusted by millions across the globe – adults and children alike – for over four decades.

Tip: If you have an egg allergy, please check the ingredients carefully.

Leftose® Tablets

Recently, my hubby and I have also become fans of Leftose® Lozenges and Tablets and it’s our go-to thing when we experience sore throat.


Fast relief is just a Leftose® tablet away. These pint-sized tablets are easy to swallow, and highly effective. Taste great!

Leftose® tablets are safe for regular use and easy to store. Convenient to keep some at home, in the office, or in your bag. In fact, we are going to pack them in our travel bag too.

Leftose® Lozenges

My work involves lots of talking. Itchy and sore throat is quite common for me to get. Glad that I found some soothing relief that Leftose® lozenges provide for my tired throat. These sugar-free lozenges contain lysozyme, a natural enzyme that dissolves nasty phlegm and massages inflamed vocal passages – comforting sore throats with a layer of gentle sweetness. Available in 2 great tasting flavours, honey lemon and blackcurrant. Honey Lemon lozenges are available at retail pharmacies. Blackcurrant is currently available only through clinics.

Leftose® is available at all leading pharmacies, clinics near you and selected online stores.

In this Covid19 time, we have well-stocked our home with Leftose® products. Always handy, safe, non-drowsy and effective! How are you taking care of your family’s health? Do share with me.

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