I’m an avid watcher of ZEE5. In fact, this is one and only digital content app that is on the home screen on my smartphone. Just some time ago, I watched the trailer of ZEE5’s upcoming original State of Siege: 26/11 and I must share with you the excitement with which I am looking forward to its launch on 20.3.2020.

I’m a proud Mumbaikar and love the never-say-die attitude of this Maximum City. Only on some rare occasions Mumbai has stopped and one such tragedy was 26/11 where the entire city felt threatened and under the siege due to the terrorist attack. This date of 26 November, 2008 and incident is simply unforgettable. State of Siege: 26/11 seems to be such a great tribute to our police and brave NSG commandos who saved the city and finished the terrorists. In fact they managed to capture one of them alive.

Trailer Review:

First of all, let me tell you that the trailer gives a glimpse of an edge-of-the-seat thriller and is very gripping. It begins with a hate speech at a rally and how the bunch of terrorists are brainwashed for the “mission”. The scenes depicting the role of the media, Mumbai police are hard hitting.

How the State of Siege becomes an uncontrollable situation for local forces and how NSG commandos come in picture will also be worth-watching. While I was watching the trailer, I literally felt to be a part of the narrative. The Siege lasted for 3 days and Mumbai came to a standstill until commandos carried and completed the operation of eliminating terrorists. The Siege ended only after several casualties. All these incidents come across alive in the trailer.

One of the most tragic story of 26/11/2008 has to be of the Chabad House. The building was attacked during the November 2008 Mumbai attacks and six of its occupants, including Rabbi Holtzberg and his wife, who was six months pregnant, were killed. Their two-year-old son Moshe survived the attack after being rescued by his Indian nanny, Sandra Samuel, and Zakir Hussain. This story makes its mark in the trailer.

The adrenaline-pumping action begins when NSG commandos take over the whole operation and their determination, patriotism fills you with a pride. You can’t help but salute these Bravehearts. I personally loved their war cry ‘Sahas Ki Vijay’ as they go on to fight the enemy that appears at the end of the trailer.

Overall, my rating for this trailer has to be 5-stars. It has surely skyrocketed the expectations from the web series – State of Siege: 26/11.

Pic Courtesy: ZEE5

Actors and other Creatives behind the scene:

The powerful story needs equally powerful actors to make a lasting impression. State of Siege: 26/11 has a stellar star cast of Arjan Bajwa, Arjun Bijlani, Vivek Dahiya, Mukul Dev and Sid Makkar.

The series tells the untold stories of the NSG commandos who were deployed during the 26.11 terrorist attacks and getting under the skin of these characters is indeed challenging for any actor. I’m particularly interested to watch how Arjan and Vivek bring their characters to life and make it convincing.

State of Siege: 26/11 is based on Sandeep Unnithan’s best-selling novel Black Tornado: The Three Sieges of Mumbai 26/11. The book itself proved a good read and the show based on this book is something people very quite curious to watch.

The show is an eight-episode series produced and created by Abhimanyu Singh of Contiloe Pictures and co-created and directed by Matthew Leutwyler.

All in all, I am definitely waiting for this ZEE5 original and for reliving the array of incidents that changed Mumbai forever. Do watch ZEE5 upcoming original web series State Of Siege: 26/11 that offers a thrilling account of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks from the eyes of NSG aka National Security Guards.

Watch the Trailer here!

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