Covid-19 Resources that I Refer To And You Should Try Them Too

We seem to be getting more and more drowned in this tsunami of Covid-19 with almost 1/3 of the humanity in the lockdown and the number of cases increasing like crazy. Frankly speaking, all we can do is take precautions and follow the instructions of our respective governments. Be socially responsible, maintain social distancing and stay safe is in our hands. Read my first hand tips to manage anxiety caused due to Coronavirus here.

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16 comments on “Covid-19 Resources that I Refer To And You Should Try Them Too”

  1. KhushbooW Reply

    Yes its really important to follows news from good and reliable sources. I follow too information from reliable sources.

  2. Mrinal Kiran Reply

    There are so many coronavirus related myths that keep going around! These resources will be really helpful to get actual facts!

  3. Jenifer Reply

    Good u shared authentic sites coz chaos is going everywhere and taking ugly turns.
    Hope we overcome this crisis soon.

    • Papri Ganguly Reply

      This is post so insightful and helpful during this lockdown period. Thanks for sharing such super awesome ideas

  4. jhilmildsaha Reply

    With millions of invalid information on mutiple social media platforms, it often becomes difficult to realize whats true and whats not. This will help us a lot.

  5. Reply

    Getting authentic news is so difficult now when we are noticing fake information around us. This is such a helpful post to stay updated about the present situation.

  6. freemindtree Reply

    Seriously I had planned so many activities to make my son learn in vacations and now coz of corona all planning. Thanks for sharing the authentic websites.

  7. Sandy N Vyay Reply

    With so much fake news floating around, getting authentic information is a challenge. Best to rely on official and Government sources for information only.


      We must stay at home to prevent it spreading to other people. There are many things we can do in our home to stay active as a family. Great thoughts.

  8. Neha Reply

    Yes it is important to follow useful sites and get some authentic information. Working from home, would mean making some changes in the daily lifestyle but that is the need of the hour.

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