These 5 women creators inspiring millions of users on Helo

With the advent of social media, people have become more enthusiastic about fitness and health. There are a lot of people who are actively promoting the idea of healthy lifestyle on different platforms and Helo India is no exception to this trend. What was once considered a sector reserved for men; is now being taken over by women. Here are the top 5 women on Helo who are taking over the internet through their workout regimen.

1) Mitushi_ajmera
Based in Gurugram, this fitness enthusiast is not a novice when it comes to working out. She has almost 83 thousand followers on Helo and her popularity doesn’t seem to be waning at all. She posts videos of her workouts along with fitness tips and instructions on proper form and reps. A mother of two; this 41 year old woman is changing the world of female fitness.

2) Foram Botadra
This tough as nails woman has abs of steel and she’s not afraid to flaunt them. Her Helo handle has numerous posts with pictures and videos oh her working out. This beauty trains like a beast and has the physique to back her claims. Her 200 thousand followers definitely seem to think that she is the real deal.

3) Diksha Chhabra
This lovely lady from Delhi has an amazing 155 thousand followers on Helo and the numbers are only growing. She maintains a strict workout regime and diet plan and offers very valuable advice to her eager followers. Her workout programs are customized for women and she likes to spread information about women’s fitness and health. She is a huge source of inspiration for women across the country.

4) Shweta shahi
This athletically gifted woman has an incredible 1.3 million followers on Helo and while she is best known for her rugby credentials, she takes her fitness very seriously. Based in Nalanda, this woman follows an intensive workout routine focusing on strength and flexibility. Rugby is a physically intense, full contact game and this young athlete doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

5) A.marbaniang 17.4
Bodybuilding has always been a man’s game, but there are certain women who are breaking conventions and establishing themselves in the bodybuilding world. This bikini model from Gurugram has almost 18 thousand followers on Helo and the numbers are growing. She has won multiple accolades in bikini competitions all over the world and spreads a positive message about body positivity and fitness. She has an amazing physique with chiselled muscles.
These women are challenging traditions and competition in the same breath, while simultaneously inspiring millions of people to lead healthy and active lives. These beautiful women are redefining the parameters of health and fitness, one city at a time. Helo has been instrumental in helping these fitness experts in reaching out to their followers.

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