There is no doubt that Singapore is one of the best places to live in the world. Especially if you are a family with kids then the safety, quality of education and standard of living Singapore offers is truly unmatched. This little Red Dot has been one of the most popular choice of expats who arrive here for work and then over the years they love to call this beautiful country as Home!

Why Singapore PR?

After arriving here and spending some time working on an Employment Pass, the next logical step should be to apply for Singapore PR or Permanent Residency. There are various benefits of becoming a PR.

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● Getting the PR status is the first step to settle in the Little Red Dot permanently in the future. For the road ahead to Singapore Citizenship, Permanent Residence is the stepping stone.
● PR status offers various government subsidies for public housing and healthcare as well as schooling.
● Changing jobs without applying for a work permit is another plus of a PR status.
● According to the Save the Children’s 2019 Global Childhood Report, Lion City topped the list of 176 countries as the best place in the world for children to grow up in. So if you are a family with kids, Singapore PR strengthens your ability to offer some of the best tools, facilities and services for children.

With an array of benefits of PR, it’s always advisable to opt for it.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Why A Professional Consultancy Firm is needed?

However, the country has stringent laws and policies for foreigners who would like to become PR AKA Permanent Resident. The process of becoming a Singapore PR can be tedious and there are possibilities of multiple rejections. Applying for PR itself calls for thorough documentation and other paper work. Are you one of those families who have tried to become Singapore PRs but failed? Then it’s time to engage a professional consultancy firm like Paul Immigrations based in Singapore who with the expertise and comprehensive knowledge have maintained a high success rate over the years.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: How They Can Help?

When it comes to applying for PR, there are lots of nuances and the application must be complete in all the senses to increase the chances of success. Expert consultants at Paul Immigrations carry out a detailed step-by-step process.

Step 1: Interview Via Telephone

The staff conducts the first round of interviews with the person to determine his / her / their family’s eligibility for PR.

Information is gathered for:

  • Type of work pass whether it’s S Pass, Employment Pass, Personalized Employment Pass and so on
  • Family ties if any with any Citizens or Permanent Residents
  • Any prior experience and outcomes
  • Basic profile assessment like applicant’s age, duration of stay, salary, payment of Income tax and so on.

Step 2: In-Person Appointment

Next step is meeting the prospective applicant in person to verify the work pass documents and to review the profile. This step is for gauging the likelihood of a successful application.

Discussion regarding various factors that determine PR approval process takes place at this stage. Applicant’s profile, merits, annual quota of approved PR applications and other important points are discussed transparently to help the applicant to decide whether to engage this firm or not.

Step 3: Request For Documents

After reviewing the applicant’s eligibility, he/she will be requested to submit their documents to the immigration consultants. Documents can be either submitted by scheduling a meeting with these consultants or by scanning and emailing documents.

Some of the crucial documents the client is required to submit include:

  • Audited form submission known as Form 4A
  • Correct compulsory documents as required by ICA
  • Essential additional documents verifying their educational certificates, payslips and more.

The documents are compiled by them to advise the applicant if they satisfy the listed PR criteria and requirements as stated by ICA.

Step 4: Completion Of The Rest Of The PR Application Paperwork

Operation Executives will complete the rest of the paperwork on behalf of the applicant. Example: Paul Immigrations’ in-house writer will draft a personalized cover letter emphasizing the strengths of the applicant in terms of his/her skill sets, contributions and commitment.

Step 5: Submission Of Applicant’s PR Application

All the documents and other aspects of the application are thoroughly checked and then they will proceed with the online submission of the application. Applications are submitted either remotely or by scheduling an in-person meeting with the client to submit the application.

Steps 2 to 5 roughly takes around 1-2 months to complete.

Step 6: Outcome Of Application

The processing time for each PR application is about four to six months. Depending on the outcome of the application, their Staff will suggest on the next best course of action to take for the applicant.

Established in 2016 and having an impressive track record of over 15000+ satisfied clients, Paul Immigrations along with its 100+ employees, helps people to realize their dream of becoming PR by simplifying the PR application process.

With strong Policy Knowledge and Professional approach for every case, this firm prepares Strong and Complete set of documents for submission of the PR application. It helps to minimize the hassle for the process and saves time too. Paul Immigration’s ability to handle complex issues support the applicants immensely to strengthen their future in the Lion City.

To evaluate your chances of becoming a Singapore PR and to apply for the same, contact this firm today!

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This article is a sponsored review. Readers are advised to check the PR process and all the things related to it thoroughly before any decision making.

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