Due to Covid-19, life is not as usual yet in Singapore and we are avoiding crowded places as of now. Our February Fox’s birthday fell exactly during this period and we had to change the way we celebrate it. Thanks to Bob The Baker Boy for making it so fun and to complete our quick and easy theme of Minecraft Birthday Party at Home.

Frankly speaking, this time we decided everything very last minute. Say 3-4 days back before the actual birthday… I had a few options on mind when it came to Cakes but depending on feedback from my friends, I zeroed on Bob The Baker Boy. Glad that it proved to be a great decision.


Read on and do check out Bob The Baker Boy for your customized cake requirements. I have given more information about their site and social media below the post.

Customized Cake

There’s a difference between cakes and customized cakes. Customized cakes need more precision, more creativity and they must look different than the usual. Prices of course will be a bit on the higher side but to make birthdays and special occasions even more special, you should definitely settle for Customized Cakes.


Shrihaan is crazy about Minecraft and we wanted something that truly makes the boy happy. Bob The Baker Boy quickly churned out a nice design that every Minecraft lover will fall for. Did you like the design? For us, it was just perfect. Bob The Baker Boy has hundreds of standard as well customized cakes options.

Healthier Cake

Cake means Sugar for some. But for my family, we try to minimize sugar levels as much as we can. Of course, kids love sugary stuff but we all know the ill-effects it can cause in the long run. Frankly speaking, personally if I eat too sweet cakes, I feel nauseous.

One heartening thing I loved about Bob The Baker Boy cake was the fact – that their cakes are much lower lower in sugar than regular customized cakes. In fact they are diabetic friendly. So if you have elderly at home or guests with diabetes then they can enjoy Bob The Baker Boy cakes in moderation.


I was wondering if the kids will like the cake because it’s going to be less in sugar. They didn’t like it, they LOVED IT!

Prompt Order and Delivery

Extremely professional is the word! I found Bob The Baker Boy’s order and delivery process very straightforward and it doesn’t leave any doubts in customer’s mind. I placed the order online, there was a WhatsApp chat to answer queries and the receipt stating all the order and delivery details was sent super fast too. They also sent reminder before the cake delivery. The cake storage instructions were elaborate too.

Perfectly packaged, Bob The Baker Boy Minecraft themed cake arrived dot on time and there was this gold candle that accompanied the cake. Beautiful!


Great Taste


Did you see how Soft and moist chiffon cake layers are in this Bob The Baker Boy Minecraft themed customized cake of ours? There are various choices for flavors. We chose Cookies and Cream. The fondant tastes good too and not too sugary which is a big plus.


Yummlicious and tempting to resist? Check out Bob The Baker Boy’s website today.

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