8 New Year Resolutions For Your Children

New Year is the time when everyone starts making fresh resolutions and setting goals for the coming year. If you follow this annual ritual, then you should get your children on board too, this New Year! It can prove to a valuable life lesson about setting goals and decision making for the children.

However, the most important part is choosing an achievable resolution for the next 365 days which you can stick to and achieve your end goal.

So, let us dive right into the kind of New Year resolutions your children can make and how you can help them achieve it.

1. The most important and simple new year resolution that kids can follow is the habit of brushing their teeth before sleeping. This way it will help in their overall oral hygiene too and help them set a process throughout.

2. These days all of us spend a lot of time glued to our gadgets instead of spending time with each other. Children should be encouraged to reduce screen-time during mealtime and the parents should also follow the same. Set a goal to spend at least a day without gadgets and enjoy the outdoors or indulge in some indoor activity; like board or card games.

3. The third most important resolution a child should make is to be a kind and compassionate person. Being empathetic towards others should be taught to them right from the start.

4. Committing to healthy meals as a family should be the fourth resolution! Healthy eating habits help in shaping a good relationship with food. Involving kids in the kitchen will make them more interested as to the kind of veggies that can go into meals.

5. Sleep schedule shouldn’t be compromised as children need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep to stay healthy and productive. Create a bedtime routine list to help your child sleep better and avoid the TV at night. Make sure that children follow the resolution through the year except during vacations (when they also need a little break).

6. Green living should be encouraged from an early age and this should be a part of every New Year resolution list. Recycling and reusing things without wastage should be a monthly activity. Children should be taught about organic stuff and how to save the environment and not pollute it.

7. Helping in clearing the table after a meal or helping in household chores should be a resolution that everyone in the family should follow. To make this more fun, you can keep a jar with slips of paper for kids to pick which chore they will do for the next one week! It can be as simple as cleaning the table after meals, or keeping used plates in the sink, etc.

8. The last resolution that your child can make is to limit the number of chocolates or sweets that they intake throughout the year. A few days like birthdays and festivals can be exceptions but still, the quantity should be regulated. In this way, they aren’t deprived of it completely! These resolutions will go a long way in helping the family bond together and achieve a healthier lifestyle! Children should follow these resolutions willingly and should know that resolutions don’t erase the fun out of life, but actually help in shaping a better life in the long run!

Written By JBCN International School, Chembur