People who love to travel are said to have wanderlust. I have “pamperlust” that makes me explore the choicest of beauty and skincare! I love to pamper myself with the best of the facial treatments in Singapore and I just couldn’t miss visiting Award-winning spa My Cozy Room which is the known as Best Facial in Singapore based on Google reviews when it comes to extraction and premium facial treatments.

Read on to find more about my Royal Bird’s Nest Facial treatment at My Cozy Room that was such an Effective & good results facial.


What is the Best facial treatment according to me? My Cozy Room ticks off all these points


  • An effective & good results facial must give a Gentle yet thorough extraction for a relaxing experience with minimal pain and redness
  • The SPA must use Premium quality professional skincare brand
  • The facial must be Suitable for acne, clogged pores, and those with blackheads/whiteheads skin problems and sensitive skin
  • The ambiance must be cozy and must put you at ease the moment you enter
  • The Consultants must be professionals and experts in Facial


Glad that My Cozy Room had all the above factors needed for a great pampering facial and more. My Royal Bird’s Nest Facial treatment at My Cozy Room was an absolute delight.


This pic is taken immediately after the facial and my skin looks so refreshed.

How My Cozy Room ensures Beauty Inside Out with their newest Royal Bird’s Nest Facial?

The nourishing and regenerative powers of bird’s nest are proven since centuries. Bird’s Nest works very well for dull, pigmented and ageing, wrinkled skin and I was very curious to try out its magic.

Royal Bird’s Nest Facial treatment at My Cozy Room has all the steps in the process infused with the goodness of Bird’s Nest.



With Golden Exfoliator Enriched with the goodness of bird’s nest, this step works to thoroughly exfoliate dirt, makeup residues and dead skin cells and effectively unclogs the pores. What I loved is the instant lightening of the skin tone. Skin is left smooth, supple and radiant.


I’m always scared of this step because some of the consultants really make it very painful leaving red pinch-like marks on nose and cheeks. But no wonder My Cozy Room is considered the best when it comes to extraction. Painless, fast and it left my skin so clean. No white / black heads any more.

Dr Spiller Royal Jelly Cleanser

Dr Spiller Royal Jelly Cleanser is the perfect go-to product for bouncy, supple skin. This revitalizing cleanser comes with royal jelly that is rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamin B and amino acids. Not only does it nourish, soften and hydrate your skin, but it is also gentle on sun-damaged skin and removes makeup residues effectively, leaving you with a brighter and healthier complexion.

Bird’s Nest Complex

Bird’s Nest Complex is a surefire way to promote moisture balance and skin luminosity. Perfect for all skin types, this proprietary blend of active ingredients works together to enhance the nourishing and regenerative benefits of bird’s nest. Active ingredients like Swiftlet Nest Extract, Silver Vine Fruit Extract work to make skin much better in texture.

DRF Therapy (Dynamic Radio Frequency)

To ensure the optimal absorption of the potent Bird’s Nest Complex, this device works the active ingredients deep into the skin using a combination of Radio Frequency technology and 630nm red LED that stimulates collagen production and cell metabolism while diluting melanin. In simple terms, it helps to moisturize and brighten the skin tone.

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Premium White Nest Alginate Mask


As an icing on the cake of this Luxurious Royal Bird’s Nest Facial comes the Premium White Nest Alginate Mask. Formulated with only the purest of ingredients like Swiss Alps Spring Water, Algae Collagen Essence and of course, concentrated Bird’s Nest extract, this cooling mask infuses the skin with its healing, hydrating and intensely brightening properties. I was literally in the dreamland with the mask on.

Face and Eye Massage

Shub (LowRes)-9-01

Yellow Jade Facial Massage or Rose quartz Crystal Eye Massage brings the power of healing crystals for relaxation, reduce wrinkles and boost circulation around the eye area and other parts of the face, while lifting contours for a beautiful v-shaped face.

When your skin is looking good, you don’t need any makeup! One week after the Royal Bird’s Nest Facial, my skin is still glowing and looking really clean and clear.



Special Promo:

Now my dear readers you can enjoy Royal Bird’s Nest Facial (120min) at $388 and Enjoy 50% off for first-time customers residing in Singapore only. So it’s a not-to-be-missed-at-all treat!

What’s more? To complete this pampering treat and achieve beauty inside out, you also get to enjoy a complimentary bottle of Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest after the Royal Bird’s Nest Facial!

More Information:

Address: 125 Devonshire Road (Opp 111 Somerset), Singapore 239884
Contact: 6753 0030
WhatsApp: 8811 0030
Website | Facebook | Instagram

To check out the list of treatments and services available at My Cozy Room, click here.

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