Isn’t it amazing to get your custom jewellery designed and then get that special piece gets launched with your name? Our pleasure to announce the launch of “Shub” and “Shivani” Gemstones bracelets that we curated with Chrysalis Gemstones Atelier. These bracelets look great, add instant boost to your OOTD and what’s more, they bring the power of crystals to you.

Read on to find more about Chrysalis Gemstones Atelier and these 2 beauties “Shub” and “Shivani”. You can get yours too! Just look for the info that I have added at the end of this blog.


Choosing the Crystal:

Frankly speaking, I was blown by the aura of these bracelets when I spotted them on the social media. I mean which lady won’t like something that looks stylish, trendy and makes a statement? Something that will go well on all outfits? On top of it, those of you believe in the healing power of crystals, Chrysalis Gemstones Atelier’s bracelets come in a huge variety of crystals and each stone has some significance associated with it. Also, you have a choice of choosing different types of finishing – Gold / Rose Gold or Silver.

I loved the way people at Chrysalis Gemstones Atelier are always willing to give all the information and to resolve your queries. They are passionate about their work and it’s clearly visible.

My first bracelet – Shub

Well, my full name is Shubhada but it’s quite hard to pronounce so in Singapore, I prefer to use a short form – Shub. As a working mom of 2, I’m always on the go with hundreds of open threads running simultaneously on my mind and head. So for me, Amethyst was a natural choice.


Amethyst is known for calming one’s nerves, relieving anxiety & stress & promoting an improved life balance. This crystal also helps bring about restful sleep, & treats insomnia. It also helps to soothe & calm neural impulses, facilitating calm & clear thinking in negotiation situations.

Second type of a gemstone I wanted in the bracelet was Aventurine – Aventurine is a stone of prosperity. It reinforces leadership qualities & decisiveness , promotes compassion & empathy. This stone encourages perseverance. Aventurine also helps to protect against environmental pollution.


Last but not the least Rose Quartz! It is the stone of universal love. It restores trust & harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Purifies & opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing & feelings of peace.

My second bracelet – Shivani


I’m going to let out a small secret about myself and that’s about my name after marriage. My hubby and me love this name – Shivani and after marriage this is actually my name. Though I still prefer to use my birth name of Shubhada that is given by my parents, “Shivani” is my alter ego – more girly, more sensitive side of me. For “Shivani”, I chose a combination of 3 gemstones.

Black Tourmaline – Tourmaline is a powerful ally when your body is in need of detoxification. The far infrared rays created by tourmaline actually produce the same resonance in the body that is normally found in water. This is a therapeutic stone. Keeps away toxins and promote positivity.

Another stone that goes in “Shivani” bracelet is Malachite. It opens the heart to unconditional love & encourages risk-taking & change, breaks unwanted ties & outworn patterns, & teaches how to take responsibility for one’s actions, thoughts & feelings.

This gemstone looks very cute almost like a pet! Dalmatian Jasper is a stone that has a lovely energy that reminds you that you can enjoy life, that its okay to have fun. It brings about a childlike joy and a sense of playfulness into your life. This allows you to move forward in life and discover your true purpose for being here.


My review and Tips n tricks

So far, I have been using Chrysalis Gemstone bracelets and loving the way they accentuate my wrist and overall look. I have paired them with my work wear, casual clothing as well ethnic clothes and these bracelets go well with any outfit.

As far as the healing power of crystals is concerned, it depends on each person’s beliefs but I would say that if you chose the stones with good intentions, overall there will be positive vibes. Do good, feel good is what I believe.

So it’s up to you to wear the bracelets as a cool fashion accessory or / and for the power of crystals.

These bracelets look great and definitely will attract queries from people around you!

Important pointers:

  • Chrysalis Gemstones Atelier makes the bracelets as per your requirements, as per your size. So we have to allow them around 14 days to ensure that the bracelet is crafted nicely.
  • Pls send your wrist size, choice of your crystals and type of finish you want to Chrysalis Gemstones Atelier. They will help you to answer all your queries in this regard.
  • Based on my experience, the bracelets are quite sturdy but just in case, they get snapped or something, Chrysalis Gemstones Atelier people will help you.
  • Due to normal wear and tear, it’s natural that gemstones and hardware might lose a bit of its sheen. So do take care of your bracelets. Please keep your jewellery away from liquids like water, perfume, sweat etc.
  • All Chrysalis jewelries comes with a jewelry polishing cloth, a velvet black pouch and a drawer jewellery box. To help you keep your precious jewellery pieces in optimal physical condition, wipe them with the polishing cloth after each wear, and store your jewelries in the velvet pouch & drawer box if you need to transport them around.
  • Pls note that crystals need to be re-charged especially when you wear these gemstones for crystal healing purpose, the energies that they possess can be drained or used up. So ask for Chrysalis’ very own crystal charging jewel case if needed.


Tempted by “Shub” and “Shivani” that we have curated? Get yours from Chrysalis Gemstones Atelier. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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