This is digital age with technology taking over all aspects of our life. Since morning to night and even during sleep, there are gadgets that are always with us. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, health trackers to name the few. Excessive of everything needs to monitored and balanced out. Myopia, stress on body and eyes, bad posture leading to text neck and spine issues are common side effects of our Digital Life and hence my family and I love to include ergonomic gadgets and tools in our day to day consumption of screen time. Today, on my review table, I have smart gadgets.

We have been using Lamicall products for our home and car for quite some time and are benefiting from them to a great extent.

Making screen time healthier and more enjoyable

One thing I have learnt to accept is the fact – we can’t get rid of screen time. As much as we say screen time is bad especially for kids, the fact remains that screen time does allow them to explore the latest in every field. As a parent, we try to keep the screen time in control and make it healthier and ergonomic so that it automatically becomes enjoyable and puts less stress on eyes, spine and neck.

Lamicall Gadgets that we are using:


A-phone stand/ S-tablet stand: These are our best friends and these stands are so versatile. We use it for our phones, tablets and iPads. It’s good for kids to develop the right posture while using phone/tablet/kindle, to prevent shortsightedness and text neck.


Car accessories: Lamicall has a good collection of accessories. They make car journey convenient and fun for the driver and passengers. Easy to setup and looks cool.


Phone Ring Holder: As a mom, I can’t do without this accessory. It’s so versatile. It helps me not to drop my phone, it allows me to be use it as a stand and watch some videos and so on. What I loved about it is the sturdiness. The glue on this phone ring holder is firm and is really long lasting.


Gooseneck phone/tablet holder: Could be mounted on a table or bed. Safe and ergonomic screen time for all in the family. Can be used for phone and tablets both.


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