Here’s the secret to stopping your kid from slouching!

Getting a kids chair and study desk is always one decision that needs a careful thought from parents. For us, we want to make sure that kids furniture should be functional and worth the value for money. Moreover, it should be loved by kids and should be safe. Too many parameters? Yes, much needed because when it comes to kids, no compromise! For my kids; especially the younger one; we were looking for really good desk and chair since he has just entered Primary school and his old desk and chair set is just not enough for his growing needs. Enter in the picture, our new ErgoBloom kids desk, sold by ergonomic retailer ErgoEdge,  is fantastic and it fulfills all his requirements and as parents, we are perfectly happy with it too!


Go ahead and read to find more about this Ergobloom set that consists of BloomChair and BloomDesk that literally grows with your kid.

What are the issues with standard Kids Desk and Kids Study Chairs?

Just the look and feel or color doesn’t make it a “Kids Desk and Kids Study Chairs”. Do you agree? It’s because we somehow overlook the facts that it’s going to be short or small when the kids grow, and they grow in a jiffy.

Also, somehow we tend to overlook the fact that these standard sets might not be ergonomic. Are they safe for the kids? Are they giving comfort to their little backs and spines? Are they helping to improve their posture?

Do you know, in their key developmental years, kids grow around 7 cm a year? A rigid desk that doesn’t focus on ergonomic features forces the kids to adjust their posture according to the desk. This means terrible posture that lasts lifelong! Well that is unless, you are willing to replace the desk every time they grow out of it (like a typical baby clothes) but that would probably not be the best approach in terms of your finances.

If this issue is not addressed properly, your children can actually develop chronic health problems like Misaligned spine, chronic neck/back pain, and musculoskeletal problems. In fact, these issues are becoming more and more common in the younger generation!

Many times, we just fall in love with the color, style, price or brand and make impulsive purchases and kids study table and chair is no exception to that.

Why are we loving our ErgoBloom set that literally grows with your kid?

  • First of all, it looks great! I won’t deny the fact that whatever are the other benefits, first impression is always the looks. So, yes, it is pleasing to eyes and makes a classy addition to your home decor.
  • Almost everything on our Ergobloom Study table and chair is “adjus-table” (pun intended). We can adjust desk’s height and angle, chair’s depth, height very conveniently. Thanks to ErgoBloom design, my kids are now able to take turns and use the study table and chair, not compromising either of their posture. Thankfully, Ergobloom ensures that it always fits kid’s body perfectly.
  • No more yelling from our side about “Sit up straight” for ErgoBloom’s adjustability and various ergonomic features ensure kids develop proper postural habit.
  • You all will agree with the fact that kids have to be 100% comfortable to focus on their studies. I have observed that my kids are more focused and more motivated to study now a days and a part of the credit I will gladly give to ErgoBloom Study Table and Chair.
  • The BloomChair has a very unique and flexible Split Backrest that reduces pressure to the back by 75% by reacting to micro-shift in body weight and fill up any gaps. It’s an awesome feature for sure.
  • It has Self-braking castors that automatically locks when seated to prevent rolling over kid’s toes. Safety first!
  • BloomDesk has this cool feature called Angled Top that eliminates slouching by providing better angle for reading, writing and drawing. It also allows Easy height adjustment. so that the desk always grows with your child.
  • BloomDesk prevents light and sun rays from reflecting onto your child’s eyes thereby reducing
    the risk of Astigmatism, myopia and other eye
  • Yes, another plus is that this set comes with a 3-year warranty. Delivery is free and installation requires an additional $60 for everything, which is pretty affordable considering that equipment to install is fully covered plus a professional installation work. The individual set retails at $530 for chair and $500 for table. There is a bundle deal available for you consisting of both table and chair for just $780! The bundle also comes with additional accessories to give your kid a more conducive study environment. SUCH A GREAT DEAL!


Will I recommend you to buy this? I would say YES because great posture is a beautiful gift for kids.


To celebrate the launch of ErgoEdge’s Kids Ergonomic Series “ErgoBloom” ErgoEdge is giving out 3x ErgoBloom Bundle to 3 Lucky Winners! To participate, head over to Rainbowdiaries FB page to find out HOW! OR get yours now at $58 OFF! Simply Quote <RAINBOWDIARIES58> to enjoy $58 off all ErgoBloom product if you purchase within 1month from the publication of this article.


TheErgoBloom is sold by ergonomic retailer ErgoEdge – who was founded on the mission of making ergonomic products accessible.

Visit ErgoEdge’s website to buy directly or; Check out their showroom at the following address:

110 Lorong 23 Geylang, #07-09,

Victory Centre, (opposite Alijunied MRT)
Singapore 388410

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15 comments on “Here’s the secret to stopping your kid from slouching!”

  1. Mrinal Kiran Reply

    I agree with you… Regular chair table for kids aren’t really helpful since they grow up and it doesn’t fit… This set looks really cool and also comfortable.. Thank you for sharing!

  2. preety85 Reply

    Wow.. This desk looks a great gift for kids. I really liked the way it is designed, thanks for sharing.

  3. My Closet Diary Reply

    This looks like a great product for kids. It’s quite helpful for their studies and looks stylish too.

  4. Isheeria's Healing Circles Reply

    I absolutely agree with you – right posture is such a game changer.
    Even at this age, i find so many aches and pains come about if i am not careful about my posture!
    i personally think that the pricing is a bit steep – but as you pointed it out – given that it will adjust and can benefit all the kids in the house -it is worth the investment!

  5. Gunjan Upadhyay Reply

    A right siting posture is much needed to keep kids pain free. I like how it is ergonomic for ideal sitting yet it looks so trnedy and stylish to match kids taste and their room decor.

  6. Sandy N Vyjay Reply

    Chairs and tables for kids indeed need to be selected with great care. Ergonomics and comfort should be the main features to look at. After all a wrong posture on a chair could have a lasting effect on kids.

  7. mahekg Reply

    Right posture is very important in the growing years. I am glad this furniture keeps that in mind and from the pics I could make out it’s very comfortable.

  8. Vashi Reply

    Your blog is a sort of an eye opener ; for the things we must keep in mind while purchasing furniture for kids ; great recommendation

  9. Hema Reply

    Study table is a worthy investment, I have tried few but the body posture always was an issue with them. I am going to check out TheErgoBloom for my little one. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Bookishbong Reply

    Wow!! I was planing to buy a study table for my brother ! But your post has helped me to decide which type of desk I should buy ! Thank you for this post ?

  11. Noor Anand Chawla Reply

    This ergonomic furniture is the ideal choice for our children’s rooms. It is sleek and stylish and really good for the back too!

    • Khushboo Reply

      Good furniture is really important for kids. I will suggest this to my sister for her kid.

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