When it comes to hair styles and treatments, what I always prefer is: honest and well qualified hair stylists who don’t make tall claims in the air and set realistic expectations, affordable prices and great quality of products that doesn’t do much harm to my scalp and hair. Focus Hairdressing at Chinatown is one such salon I must say based on my Blow Out Rebonding treatment experience. No wonder Focus Hairdressing is on Beauty Undercover’s list of the most popular hair salons for MUCOTA DYNA and Omega Rebonding. They also have a branch at Cuppage Plaza.


Well, coming back my hair, frankly speaking, they could actually give a hair-raising time to the stylists. Rough, stubborn, dry, thick – my hair are almost like a goon that are difficult to tame! When I went for consultation, Ken who is a Salon Manager at Focus Hairdressing Chinatown told me that they will chop away the hairends first because they are quite dry and damaged. After that they will give a natural rebonding look with a bit of a wave at the bottom of the hair. Fair enough, I thought because it’s not easy to handle this type of hair. Ken is one calm and quiet gentleman who knows what he is doing. I also met Jane who is a senior stylist. She carried out the treatment for me.


Blow Out Rebonding is a stringent procedure that involves a number of steps.

  • Pre-treatment – Before starting the treatment, Jane applied pre-treatment cream to the hair. This step is crucial and prepares the hair for the actual treatment.
  • Hair cut – I had not cut my hair for the longest time and they were literally grown like a grass! Jane decided to chop off an inch and gave some layers to them.
  • One more pre-treatment – Time for one more pre-treatment cream before we started the actual rebonding process
  • Application of rebonding lotion – This is what makes the hair bonds break and then the hair can be given perm or straighten or whichever look that is needed as per your hair type.
  • After keeping rebonding lotion for 30 mins She rinsed my hair.
  • One more Pre-treatment was applied. I liked the fact that Focus hairdressing applied lots of pre-treatments to ensure that hair don’t get damaged.
  • Ironing was the next step. Each hair strand was ironed properly to get desired shape. For me, Focus Hairdressing wanted not so flat look. So they decided to straighten the hair on the top and then gave a bit of wave to the hairends. Blow Out Rebonding was the term that they coined for this style.
  • For the wave / curl, Jane applied rollers for 20 mins after applying heat protect treatment.
  • Time to cool down rollers with cold blow dry before taking them off the hair.
  • One of the last steps included the application of Neutraliser that helped to close the bonds and clear off chemicals used during treatment.
  • 10 minutes later, final rinse was given and then they applied special treatment for 3 mins
  • Yay, blow dry and here is the FINAL look with of my blow out rebonding.
  • After Care suggested includes steps like blow dry and apply live in conditioner .

There are 3 things I loved about Focus Hairdressing Chinatown:

  1. They are very straightforward and do no false commitments
  2. No hard selling!
  3. Great quality of products that don’t damage hair

My special thanks to Beauty Undercover SG who took some great shots while my hair treatment was on for their very popular website.

More Info:

Chinatown Point, #02-03, 133 New Bridge Road Singapore 059413.

PHONE: 65383162

Monday to Friday: 11.00am to 9.00pm
Saturday: 11.00am to 8.30pm
Sunday: 11.00am to 8.00pm
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