Mid-autumn festival is more joyous with these mooncakes

Singapore celebrates various festivals with an equal fervor. Starting from Chinese New Year to Hari Raya to Deepavali to Christmas, wonderful decorations and festive food literally light up our loves. One of the most prominent Chinese festivals is the Mid-Autumn Festival and it’s all about celebrating with family and friends, lanterns and of course, those delicious mooncakes. When I talk about Mooncakes Singapore, the major name that comes in mind is Bing Liang Bakery.

Bing Liang Bakery is very famous for their Chinese New Year goodies and all in my family love the CNY goodies from them so much. This time, we got their Mooncakes too and they are WOW!

Who wouldn’t fall in love with the packaging?

First of all, full marks to Bing Liang Bakery for packing these mooncakes in this perfect box. It looks luxury and eye-pleasing. Quality shows!

Nice floral design of the box and inside, neatly packed individual mooncakes

Okay, sometimes the packaging is great but taste?? I was curious to find out more about the mooncakes’ taste. Voila! Very fresh, Delish and Not heavy on tummy.

What you see in this pic. are Red Bean Mooncakes

My kids love Red beans! That’s the reason, Red Bean mooncakes is really fun and funky flavor that adds great spark. Quite addictive I must say. One is not enough.

There are various flavors that you can choose from or go for customized selection.

Why we recommend Bing Liang bakery’s Mooncakes? 4 simple reasons:

  • Online shopping and delivery – convenient, prompt and good promos
  • Natural taste – I hate that preservative-kind of artificial taste of mooncakes
  • Clean shape and perfect cut – neat and clear appearance, easy to cut into slices
  • Thin crust and nice filling inside
  • Beautiful packaging – it’s an amazing gift idea

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4 comments on “Mid-autumn festival is more joyous with these mooncakes”

  1. Sandy N Vyjay Reply

    The moon cakes from Bing Liang look so exquisite. In fact they seem like works of art which again is highlighted in the lovely packaging. I guess with these cakes, would love to have them and eat them too!

  2. Prakhar Kasera Reply

    Moon cake!! that’s something unheard of for me, but seems quite tempting and worth a shot. I would like to go for the lotus moon cake at first.

  3. Mrinal Reply

    The packaging is gorgeous… I have never had mooncakes but they look really delicious… I would love to try the green tea and red bean paste ones.. ❤️

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