Each kid is different and has its own unique special characteristics. While my elder daughter was and is always interested in Arts, Craft, Painting and so on, Shrihaan has shown keen interest in Music, Singing and Dance right since he was 2-3 years old. Hubby and me as parents wanted to do something concrete about Shri’s interest and that’s why we decided to enroll him in Aureus Academy Music School. He recently performed in one of the events and I must thank Aureus Academy for the confidence and knowledge he demonstrated on the stage.


Each kid is unique and we must respect that as parents

Initially, I was thinking that Shrihaan might turn out to be exactly like Eeshaa with good sense of drawing and painting. How incorrect was I! It’s a gross mistake parents can make to think that kids will be like them or their siblings.

They are little human beings with their own unique traits. When I observed that the boy is singing and perfecting his dance moves for the hot favorite songs, I realized that his interests are his own. For a parent in me, it was a big learning!

Why formal training is necessary?

We didn’t hurry up to enroll him in Music school. It doesn’t work that way according to me. Just because the child is singing one song, doesn’t mean he or she is truly ready to explore it further. We watched for some months and we noticed that the boy is regularly into it – singing and dancing. Recently after entering his Primry 1, when he decided to register himself for the School Talent Hunt, sang a song and came in Top 30 – we decided that it’s time to take it to the next level.

Formal Training is necessary to hone any talent. We decided to enroll Shrihaan for the music classes.

Why we chose Aureus Academy and will continue with them?


Firstly, I had heard some real good words about Aureus Academy from a few of my friends. This positive Word of Mouth is one of the main reasons why we chose Aureus Academy.

Secondly, I found their locations very convenient. When the kid has to music lessons after school, I definitely wanted to make it easier and happier for him. Conveniently located around 11 places in Singapore, Aureus Academy makes music a really pleasant experience.

Thirdly, Aureus Academy provided us with a choice of Piano lessons or Violin or Vocal. We wanted to enroll Shrihaan for vocal since he likes to sing. Teacher assessed him and she found him suitable to learn vocal.

I loved the state of art facilities of Aureus Academy. The school is spacious, clean, conducive for learning.

Another thing that we are looking forward to whether he can take ABSRM music exam through Aureus Academy. Platform to showcase kids music talent is one more plus. What I liked is that fact that the teachers focus not only on music but they dole out valuable tips for stage performance and boosting confidence.

Most importantly, Shrihaan likes his Music Teacher and he says that she’s is really good.

We have embarked this exciting Music journey with Aureus Academy and I will keep posting more about it in coming months.

Please find more info about Aureus Academy and do check out!

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