I often meet parents who are worried about kids’ screen time and gadgets over-exposure and at the same time, they sweat over the fact that kids might not be future-proof and ready for future skill-sets. As a mom, I too sail in the same boat. Just recently, I went with my son to HP Adventure Trails where I explored blending Prints, Online and Outdoors for Effective Learning of kids. Must thank HP printers and HP Smart App! Read on to know more about our HP Adventure Trails experience and how hard copy prints make significant difference when it comes to learning process.


Discovering Singapore’s heritage at HP Adventure Trails


HP Adventure Trails provided perfect opportunity for parents like me to bond with kids while discovering Singapore’s rich heritage at the beautiful Fort Canning Park. Not only kids but even I gained valuable knowledge about what makes Singapore THE Singapore. Especially when Singapore National Day is just around the corner, it was indeed very enriching to know more about Singapore’s history and landmarks.


Enthusiastic bunch of parents and kids explored Fort Canning Park and we all completed a series of fun and learn tasks with the help of prints. Result: Happy and Enlightened kids.


he best part of the trails was the use of prints! We got our tasks printed, we followed our cues via prints, we clicked pics and took back photo prints. HP Smart App and HP Printers seamlessly worked for us.


Coolest way to print on the go with HP Smart App and HP Printers

Though we tend to complain about kids screen time, we can’t ignore its importance. In Experience Age, we have to be ready for the experiences that inspire creativity, collaboration and connection with people. Gadgets, apps if used wisely are great learning resources.


One such app that we have been using is HP Smart App. HP Smart App brings printing literally to your fingertips. Once your smartphone is connected with your HP printer, you can straightaway print photos, camera scan to email, print Facebook photos and documents from anywhere. Even kids can use it without any hassles. My 7-year old clicked some interesting shots of at Fort Canning Park and printed them using HP Smart app.

We have HP printer at home and have always found it to be very convenient when it comes to printing for kids projects, DIY stuff and our important documents. HP Printers are very reliable, consistent and high quality value for money.

During HP Adventure trails, we found some amazing things to capture like heritage buildings, plants and trees, birds. We used our HP Smart App and printed out all these photos on HP Envy Photo 7820 printer that was set up at the starting point. Quite a jaw dropping moment when we saw all the photos that we send for printing were already printed. Superb technology, isn’t it? Just shoot and print from anywhere. Cool! The print quality is stunning too.


Why I think prints is an integral part of kids’ learning process?

If I have to compare how things were in my childhood then I would say that we relied a lot on books, magazines, photo albums for learning and storage of memories. Hard copy prints was the ONLY way to go. With the technological advancements, for today’s kids, learning is drastically different now.

To make my kids future-proof and equipped with emerging skill sets, I would prefer the RIGHT blend of Prints and Digital. Prints are very crucial and form an integral part of Kids learning.

  • While I think that digital learning is necessary to keep up with the technology, Print Learning helps amazingly well to help kids to be more creative and expressive. This creative thinking while working with printouts leads to better problem solving skills. In my opinion, print learning also boosts reading and comprehension abilities and improves knowledge of vocabulary.
  • Prints according to me help to retain the information for longer periods and provide greater recall value.
  • With prints there are more bonding moments between family members. Watching photos of your trips online vs browsing leisurely through the photo prints and albums – I love the latter.
  • When the learning is through prints like worksheets, it leads to greater parental participation and support. Solving problem sums together or working on spellings and grammar is done better with prints.
  • It’s an amazing feeling when kids see their creations / achievements physically in print format. Example: printing their drawings or certificates for framing purposes is a great joy.
  • Balancing or rather blending prints and digital resources is what I practice for my kids. Example: During HP Adventure trails, we used HP Smart App to print our photos on HP Envy Photo printer. These prints are our learning resources now to explore more in detail about Singapore’s history.

This is the beautiful memento of our HP Adventure Trails. We used this booklet to capture all the heritage landmarks in Fort Canning Park that we visited during trails. We glued our Hi-quality photos printed on HP ENVY photo printer using HP Smart App. Shrihaan keeps browsing through these prints and keeps talking about the trails. I am glad that we made some really good memories during HP Adventure Trails.


Parents, surely it’s time to reinvent learning for our kids! Do share with me your tips and tricks of blending prints and digital.

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