We always say that time just flies and indeed it does leaving our skin ageing and dull. As a woman, I would always want to age gracefully and would love to reverse some signs of ageing in fact. As a part of my ongoing mission of keeping skin and face firmer and smoother, I discovered DrSpa® Needleless Threadlift and I am loving the results. Oh, pls don’t get scared with the word “Threadlift”. It’s NEEDLELESS and completely non-invasive. 

First of all, this is my pic just after DrSpa® Needleless Threadlift and see how the refreshed and younger the skin is looking…No makeup, no filter!


Read on to know what happens during the session and the steps involved. I am mentioning my first hand experience as is and all the other necessary info needed for you all.


Who should try DrSpa® Needleless Threadlift?

  • If you have a mature skin. For moms, yes, our skin is considered mature skin.
  • Secondly, consider getting DrSpa® Needleless Threadlift if your skin is dry and has lost its luster and needs good lifting and hydration then DrSpa® Needleless Threadlift is for you.
  • Not to mention the pampering and me-time of 2 hours that you deserve to get. Then go for this treatment.

What are the steps included in DrSpa® Needleless Threadlift?

Like I mentioned above, it’s a non-invasive optimum facial lifting treatment so there’s zero pain or stress involved. It’s an elaborate treatment and lot of steps are included to ensure that you get desired results.

  • Consultation – Skin analysis to decide what treatment you should go for.
  • Cleanse – First but important step to ensure that skin is clear off any makeup and other impurities
  • Shoulder Scrub – I loved this step because never ever in other facial treatments, shoulder scrub is included. During DrSpa® Needleless Threadlift, this step adds a lot of fun!
  • Threadlift Peel – This can be a bit tingling for skin but only for a few moments and makes skin instantly firmer. Let your consultant show you half face results first to see the difference.
  • Extraction – to clean up black heads, white heads and other impurities. My skin looked so cleaner.
  • Eyebrow Shaping – Complimentary and sweet step that ensures whole face look great after the treatment.
  • Silk Protein Application for Lifting – It’s kind of a mask for that much talked about “V” shape.
  • Shoulder massage – Get your tired shoulder massaged while Silk protein works its magic.
  • Infusion of the Booster to lock silk protein
  • Machine to penetrate Hyaluronic Acid – This is the highlight step. I found the machine very innovative and it shoots the bursts of hyaluronic acid on the face. The sound of the machine is sharp but it doesn’t cause ANY PAIN. So I enjoyed and giggled during this step.
  • Tension Gel Mask- Zzzz time. This mask feels luxurious and encompasses the skin lovingly. I slept with mask on!

Quick facts:

  • This treatment is a supreme combination of DermaThreads and proprietary Liquid Lift infused with premium hyaluronic acid actives and potent multi-peptides for optimum facial lifting, firming and tightening.
  • It’s powered with advanced DermoJet PRO+ Technology to deliver concentrated actives deep into the skin in a Needleless way.
  • Results include smooth wrinkles and fine lines, instant facial lifting, tightening and hydrating. Also reduces signs of ageing and boosts collagen regeneration.

Final Result: Refreshed, lifted, glowing skin. I got what I wanted from DrSpa® Needleless Threadlift! V-shaped, Younger looking face for this mama.

More info:

Click here to book your trial | Visit DrSpa website here and take 15% off regular-priced DrGL products and to browse DrSpa and DrHair’s Summer Specials.

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