Struggles of Momlife only moms can understand! Whether working moms or homemakers or work-from-home or part-timers, we just can’t focus on work unless our kids are in safe hands. I remember the challenges I faced when I was very new in Singapore and wanted to get back into the workforce. My child was just one year old and I couldn’t step out of the home even to attend interviews. How I wish was there that time…But it’s so good that now this website and app is available in Singapore and moms, you should explore it.

Read on to find more about and how it connects parents and babysitters conveniently.

What is and how it works?

Simply putting, Babysits is a public community platform connecting parents with babysitters.

Babysits started off in 2008 and has its presence in more than 22 countries, 28000+ cities with more than 1,000,000+ members. The objective is to make childcare safe, easy, and affordable, by creating an intuitive marketplace platform which brings parents and childcare providers together.

So if you are a parent who is looking for help to take care of your toddler, pre-schooler, school-going kids or need someone to help them with simple homework and so on, create a login on and search for suitable babysitters. offers 2 types of subscriptions for parents while it’s free for babysitters.

  • Babysits Free – you can search for Babysitters by creating a simple account
  • Babysits Premium – This type of subscription allows you to Post job, Write reference, Search for babysitters, Email service, Plan babysitting appointments, Contact babysitters*. Contact childminders* and get Push notifications. I have tried this subscription and it works seamlessly where lots of babysitters with necessary qualifications and experience contact you. You can communicate with them and set appointments too. Yes, even for weekends you can get a babysitter.

All you have to do is just create an account to get started.

How easy it is to use website for parents?

  • Easy! that’s what I felt while using website.
  • Fast loading
  • Search by postal code
  • Many profiles of babysitters and nanny available for screening
  • Simple account setup
  • Easy upgrade to premium subscription
  • Affordable pricing
  • What you pay to babysitters is something that you can negotiate with them straight
  • Dispute policy is clearly mentioned on the site
  • Babysitters and Parents can confirm their ID by their email, phone and by connecting their Facebook or other online profiles. So you can check the information to verify before hiring.

Tricky Situations where can come to your rescue

I personally have faced all these challenges and can be an excellent resource to seek help:

  • No full time helper at your home
  • Your full time helper has gone back to her home country for leave
  • No elderly or other family members who can help out with childcare
  • Husband is travelling for work
  • You are not feeling well
  • Your office assignments and projects need your complete focus
  • You have to step out of the home for urgent errands
  • Kids are at home during school holidays and need someone to look after them
  • Weekends when childcare centres are closed
  • You are craving for some me-time or couple-time with hubby to remain sane
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๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿง’๐Ÿ‘งBABYSITS.SG – this is something moms like me need so much… ๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿง’๐Ÿ‘ถ As you know, I m a working mom of 2 kids… Though they can stay alone at home for some time, I dare not leave them alone. I have always relied on my parents, in-laws and full time helpers for taking care of my kiddos when hubby n me are out in the office. But…there have been lots of catch-22 situations where my family members were not in SG, hubby was traveling, helpers had to fly back to their home country due to their own family issues and I couldn't dodge important assignments at office. Sigh…what to do with these kids? Possible to get a reliable babysitter who can look after them for some hours?? Well, now it's possible with Finally I can get a babysitter quickly and conveniently. In a nutshell, is a website and an app which connects parents and babysitters. More than 350+ babysitters are currently on board. You can scan the profiles of babysitters, read review and make an appointment with them. Occasional, Last minute these categories are also available. I m going to try out this service soonest and going to write my experience on the blog too. Meanwhile, if you want to go on a date with hubby or need some me-time or not feeling well and have some rest from mom duties or any other requirement where your kids need babysitter…Do explore . . #babysitssg #babysitting #babysitter #rainbowdiaries #socialmediamomsg #rainbowdiariesdotcom #socialmediamomsgdotcom #childcare #sgkids #sgbabies #sgparents

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In fact, those of you who are passionate about child care and looking for jobs can consider registering as a Babysitter on

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