How Your Kids Can Learn Outside of the Classroom

They say that the best education in life is found outside of the classroom. Education is not only obtained by spending hours and hours pouring over a textbook, but it is something that can also be found in the life experiences that we face and handle on a daily basis.


While academia and having a studious child helps to prepare your kid for further studies and increases their chances of excelling in college, school doesn’t necessarily help to prepare them for “real life” and the challenges that will be thrown at them once they are out in the world by themselves. Here are some ways your child can learn outside of the classroom:

They Can Learn About History in an Exciting Manner

Taking history classes are one of the key parts of our kids curriculum. For all of their importance and relevance, the delivery of history lessons in the classroom isn’t great. Old videos, worn textbooks and painful exams can make history seem unbearable and boring.

In the school environment, kids start to associate history with the arduous process of memorizing dates and facts. By contrast, exploring ruins, museums and historical sites brings history to life. If your kid is exploring the ancient ruins of Petra or standing in awe of the pyramids of Giza, they are no doubt going to find history infinitely more interesting.

They Will Learn About New Cultures

You will encounter plenty of opportunities to give your children a cultural experience when travelling. Through simply interacting with people of different cultures and backgrounds, they will be taking in new information and perspectives. There are also numerous activities that you could organise with your kids learning in mind. For example, you could take a local cooking class as a family and have your kids assist you with various parts of the food preparation.

As anyone who has travelled outside of their home country can attest to, there is a significant difference between people that have travelled and people that have not. Well travelled individuals are more open-minded. They are accommodating and understanding of different cultures and opinions around the globe. Through travel, our children can see first hand the different values and perspectives that people hold across the world.

They Can Learn a Language

Admittedly nobody goes on vacation for two weeks and suddenly becomes fluent in the local language but it is relatively simple to learn a few basic words and phrases such as learning to say hello, goodbye, and thank you. This may not be sufficient to have an in depth conversation, but it certainly sets the foundation for a language that can be developed and built upon later. As the world becomes more globalised, and more and more people are required to travel or work as a part of an international team through their job, having a second language makes people more employable.

They Can Pick Up New Hobbies Overseas

Having hobbies and interests are very important contributors to your kids growth and personal development and travel certainly presents many unique opportunities to participate in new and unusual hobbies. For example, learning to Ski in Europe, or studying a martial art in the Far East. A child that has engaged in a hobby overseas has more than a fascinating conversation starter. In fact, they have a valuable resume enhancer.

Not only does having an interest or a passion help to ensure that your kid is happy and busy outside of the classroom, but having a hobby also looks excellent on their resume and it is no secret that colleges and ivy league institution prefer applicants who have notable hobbies and creative endeavours on their resumes. As a consequence, travel can help your kid get into a better college. You only need to look at Harvard University’s preferred applicant details to know that this rings true.

Travel Teaches Our Kids Compassion

If your family travels take you to less developed nations, your kid may see things that they are not accustomed to seeing at home. In many countries around the globe, there can be problems with poverty, human rights, and the economy.

While our children do not need to understand the full extent of these issues, they will no doubt notice a distinct difference in terms of the quality of life of people in developing nations versus at home. Not only will this teach your kid not to take things for granted, but it will also encourage them to be more compassionate towards those who are not as fortunate.

Travel Gives Our Kids a Fresh Perspective

It’s an unfortunate truth that the media does not always display the most pleasant side of some countries around the globe. The news and the government travel advice can make certain locations appear scary or off limits whereas, in reality, the situation on the ground is often a far cry from the media portrayal.

Travel enables you and your kids to see that the media depiction is not always the reality. This empowers your child to have the confidence to be more adventurous and open-minded, and to push themselves outside of their comfort zone in all aspects of their life.

Travel Makes Our Kids More Confident

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There are many ways in which travel can help your kid become more confident. If your family stays at a kid-friendly resort, your kids will have the opportunity to make new friends and socialize. Whether they are at a kid’s activity club or by the pool, there are plenty of ways to make friends. This teaches your children valuable social skills that they will carry forward in life. It also increases our kids confidence about the world in general.

They Will Learn About Money and Budgets

Organizing a trip always involves an element of financial planning and managing a budget. Financials need to be taken into consideration both prior to departure and also during your trip. If you allow your children to have visibility on your planning and how you calculate the numbers around your trip, it will improve their math ability and help them to prepare for their own financial future. Next time you are at that fabulous family resort vacation, talk to your kid about budgeting. They may not be interested in the beginning but it will stick with them.  

Travelling will make your kid smarter in many ways. They will ultimately develop worldly experiences that just cannot be taught in the classroom. As many people who have attended a college or job interview can attest to, success in careers and later life depends on far more than just academic grades.

A person could have the best grades in the class but if they do not have the social skills, go-getting attitude, and confidence to accompany them, they may not land that dream job or ever truly excel. Travel helps your kid to become a smart, well rounded individual.

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