I have written so many times about our struggle with Myopia. Like I had lived with a very high power specs and finally got rid of it when I got the Lasik surgery done. I have also shared about different ways to combat myopia here and here. Unfortunately my kids – Eeshaa and Shrihaan too have myopia just like me and I always thought that they also have to wear boring glasses all the time until they become adults! I am so so thankful to Titus Eye Care to introduce us to Ortho-K that has truly changed the way Eeshaa sees the world!

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Dr. Juanne and we at Titus Eye Care

First things first, what is Ortho-K?

Simply putting, Ortho-K or Orthokeratology are the braces for the eyes. Before you ask me, lemme tell you, it DOES NOT NEED SURGERY. 


In more scientific terms, Orthokeratology, Cornea Refractive Therapy or Corneal Molding, is a non-surgical, reversible process using a unique therapeutic mold to reshape the cornea while you sleep. In a nutshell, you wear Ortho-K lens when you sleep. Then, entire day you don’t have to wear any glasses. 

Sounds too good to be true? I also thought the same. I mean – you just wear these special lens called as molds then you sleep and when you get up you don’t need glasses whole day. Seriouslyyyy?? How is that possible? Well my friends, Eeshaa has been already using Ortho-K lens designed by the experts of Titus Eye Care for some time and I will highly recommend it to all my mommy readers to try if your kids have myopia.

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Eeshaa has started her Ortho-K or #orthokeratology and NO MORE SPECS is needed during day. All she has to do is wear special Ortho-K lens while sleeping. It's like braces for your eyes 😁😍👍 As a mom, I think this is nothing short of a magic! I was very curious to know the thoughts of Eeshaa about Ortho-K – Coming from a 12 year old. Straight from the heart and unedited ♥️ —————- Ortho-K is a very advanced and innovative solution to the common and ever increasing myopia problem. Nowadays you can hardly walk by a street and see anyone without glasses or contact lens. However, Orthokeratology are not your everday lenses, putting them on at night will allow them to reshape your cornea and waking up with them and taking them off afterwards, will allow you to see everything clearly without glasses. – Ortho-K lenses are very simple to insert and remove. All you need is some practice. – You have to follow a certain routine for these lenses, which leads to maximum benefit. – I had gone to my school camp and couldn't wear them for a couple of days. I was still be able to see, a tad bit less clearly may be after 1.5 days. Although it is recommended to wear them regularly every night unless you are absolutely unable to. For me, these lenses have definitely been life altering. Ortho-K lenses will surely boost your confidence and your self esteem. The staff at Titus Eye Care have also been very friendly, considerate, helpful and instructive. I would have no idea what to do if it werent for them. All in all, you should definitely invest in these lenses if you are prepared to handle them, take responsibility, and then you are ready for a life changing experience. Let me or my mom know if you have any questions. —————– . Elaborate post on the blog #comingsoon

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Science behind Ortho-K and why it is effective for myopia control

It would be interesting to mention how exactly Ortho-K works. For a mom like me, it’s nothing less than a big magic. In reality, there is technology and science that makes it possible to control Myopia through Ortho-K.

Take a look at the diagram:


a) The movement of tissues to the peripheral is what is termed ‘Peripheral myopic defocus’.

b) Peripheral myopic defocus is when peripheral light rays are no longer focused ON the retinal surface but rather, IN FRONT of the retinal surface.

c) This creates a signal to the eye to prevent myopia from progressing, similar to a plant growing towards where the light is. If the light is in front of the eye, then the eye will want to grow towards it.

d) This is ONLY achieved effectively by Eye braces (Orthok) simply because of the above mentioned mechanism (where the same amount of tissues flattened has to be moved to the peripheral).

e) Many other spectacle lenses/contact lenses try to mimic this effect but is not able to achieve it effectively because it lacks the movement of the tissues.

f) There is strong evidence in the medical literature that proves that the ‘Peripheral Myopic Defocus’ is responsible to control myopia progression.

Why is it important to choose the best in the industry for Ortho-K?


Well, I did quite a lot of research before zeroing down on Titus Eye Care. After all, nothing but the best when it comes to kids’ eyes.

  • I wanted a clinic that is specialized in Ortho-K where doctors are very very well-qualified and use the latest-most technology. Titus Eye Care uses sophisticated tools to calculate and design a mold that is able to accurately position the light rays, maximising the myopia control effects.
  • How experienced is your Ortho-K specialist? I chose Titus Eye Care because they have dealt with a wide variety of patients – low myopia, high myopia to hyperopia to astigmatism to presbyopia for kids and adults.
  • How well the doctor connects with kids. For me, it was one of the most crucial points because putting Ortho-K mold in the eyes and following a stringent routine to take care of these molds is a very huge task for a kid. Unless the kid is completely ready, I wouldn’t go for Ortho-K! I loved Dr. Titus, Dr. Juanne and their entire staff for making things very straightforward for Eeshaa. No stress at all.
  • This point is something that I was looking for to consolidate my decision – Titus Eye Care is the only accredited Orthok specialist (Orthokeratologist) under the international academy of Orthokeratology in Singapore
  • Whether your Specialist makes you understand the process? I can’t trust the specialist if I don’t understand how the whole thing works. I really appreciate the time taken by Dr. Titus and Dr. Juanne to explain us elaborately each detail about Ortho-K. How patient they are with kids! Eeshaa loves going to Titus Eye Care because she likes Dr. Juanne a lot. Shrihaan seems to be at home too at Titus Eye Care and is already showing keen interest to try Ortho-K.
  • After-Care – It’s crucial that you take good care of Ortho-K molds. Titus Eye Care ensures that we visit them regularly. At every visit, they: a) take Maps to ensure the fit is perfect. b) use Magnified images to ensure there is no compromise on the ocular surface. c) do a vision test to ensure your vision is good.

Important pointers for parents who want to start Ortho-K treatment for their kids:

This is straight based on my experience as a mom whose girl is using Ortho-K molds from Titus Eye Care. I have gathered some tips and would love to share with you all:

  • Get complete information about Ortho-K. Don’t leave any room for doubt.
  • Choose your Eye Clinic carefully, Settle for nothing but the best.
  • Kids from 6 years onward can opt for Ortho-K. However, kids’ temperament, willingness to try is a crucial factor to gauge before getting Ortho-K molds. For me, my girl showed all the green signals so I got the molds for her. For my boy, I would wait for another year or two.
  • Strict regimen to be followed when it comes to Ortho-K molds. Molds need proper care to maintain their efficacy. At the same time, you have to monitor your kids’ eyes. Generally, there shouldn’t be any issue but better to keep an eye. 
  • Ortho-K is an investment. Take it as an investment rather than an expense. And it’s a good investment for controlling the myopia. Who doesn’t love to see their kids without specs, playing happily without glasses?! 

This is my first post for Eeshaa’s Ortho-K. I will keep sharing more on the blog and on my IG. Feel free to ask me any questions. Happy to help! I am adding more info about Titus Eye Care and you can contact them for consultation. 

Titus Eye Care

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