Shop with your heart: My 3-mins Makeup Hack with Lazada 12.12 Surprise Box

It’s that time of the year again when School is over and Christmas is almost here. The mood is very upbeat and everyone wants to indulge in some great shopping, food and fun! It’s also that time of the year when Lazada is having grand plans to wrap up 2018 with this super-awesome 12.12 Sale where there will be an array of Surprise Boxes that will blow your mind. I got the preview of Lazada X NIHON NO BI Branded Surprise box and am loving it!

Lazada X NIHON NO BI Branded Surprise box will cost just $29 during Lazada 12.12 Sale and It contains products worth 100$ or more. Can you beat that?

Read on to find more about Lazada 12.12 Surprise Box and how I went from bland to glam in just 3-minutes with ZA products that I found in my Lazada X NIHON NO BI Surprise Box. Well, I’m not going to reveal ALL the products that I found in my box and going to show you only 3-4 of them. Why? Because it’s a SURPRISE!



Look at that smile on my face when I found one of my favorite brands – Za inside Lazada 12.12 Surprise Box. Remember I said there’s a lot more inside this box but Shhhh, am unveiling only a few products.


Here are some of the Za beauties that I found inside Lazada 12.12 Surprise Box.



This Daytime moisturizer is a must-have for a busy mom. I liked its comfortable, light-weight and strong protection against harsh UV rays. It gave a smooth and bright look.

All I did was washed my face and straightaway applied this. You can apply Za TRUE WHITE DAY PROTECTOR with SPF26 PA++ first and then apply foundation for even better coverage.

Here is my bare face.


This is me applying Za TRUE WHITE DAY PROTECTOR with SPF26 PA++…


ZA Brow Liner

My eyebrows are not bad as such but there is a slight gap in one of the eyebrows and I needed to fill it up for a flawless shape. ZA Brow Liner came to rescue.


It’s long lasting, water proof and just perfect for a working mom like me. It’s very convenient and comes together with a grooming brush. I liked the way it camouflaged the gap between my brow and created natural eyebrows. It’s available in 4 shades and contains Vitamin E. It’s Dermatologist-tested and suited well for my sensitive skin.

Brow game going quite strong in this pic…


ZA Vibrant Moist Lipstick


Loved loved loved it! Reasons? One it is moisturizing and I didn’t have to apply any lip balm or anything before applying this and secondly, the color is so vibrant. Just a pop of it and my face looks illuminated!

Definitely a great buy especially when I wanted to create this 3-minute makeup hack. When you are super-busy and still want to look great then ZA Vibrant Moist Lipstick is your go-to tool.

So easy to apply, spreads evenly…


Almost done! One last step…

ZA Killer Volume Curl Mascara


Okay, I wasn’t sure whether I need mascara because as such my eyelashes are pretty okay and long. Wait, they are slightly downward facing though.

I rounded up my 3-min makeup hack look using ZA Killer Volume Curl Mascara that I got inside Lazada X NIHON NO BI Surprise Box. Zoom this below pic and you will see my lashes nicely curled up and yes, it’s long lasting and smudge-proof. Just the way I wanted!


Apply it underside the lashes and follow the curl from the roots to tips. Then enhance the tail part with the brush.


From bland to glam in flat 3-mins or even less that…



One self-love selfie I had to take…


You too eagerly awaiting for Lazada 12.12 just like me? Then continue reading…

Do you know?

Lazada 12.12 is running between 10th – 12th December, 2018.


  • Up to 90% OFF
  • 1 Million Deals
  • Up to $120 Vouchers
  • Surprise Boxes @ $29, $49 & $99 (Worth $100 or more)

Click here and start shopping



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